Shocking News: Dramatic Reduction of Honda Bike Price In Bangladesh

Published On 12-Dec-2016 04:15pm , By Saleh

Bangladesh Honda Pvt Ltd has reduced the Honda Bike price in Bangladesh. The price reduction took place after in June 2016 the government reduces the tax on motorcycle during the 2016-2017 budgets for the companies in Bangladesh who will go for progressive manufacturing in Bangladesh.


During the 2016-2017 budget government announce that they will reduce the import duties of  the motorcycle companies in Bangladesh who will go for manufacturing in Bangladesh, government gave a plan of 5 years in which slowly slowly the manufacturing motorcycle companies will start to manufacture certain parts in Bangladesh, hence they will get a reduction of tax.

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Back on July Bangladesh Honda Pvt once reduced the price of their motorcycle currently they reduce the price again which will be valid from 14th December 2016. Bangladesh Honda Pvt Ltd started their life in Bangladesh from tail end of 2013 & since then they started very slowly to move in the market. They don’t’ have a big product line up, unlike some companies they have just one models in each engine displacement segment & they are giving a taste of many types of product line up.


In many parts of Bangladesh Honda Dream Neo 110 have become very popular among the bikers & the new 2016 sticker change have attracted many customers  & according to Honda Bangladesh Pvt Ltd Honda Shine 125 has been one of the most valuable product in their line up with almost no major complain about the bike.


While CB Trigger is becoming one of the first choice of bikes for people who want a good combination of speed & mileage in the 150cc segment. Recently Team BikeBD reviewed Honda Wave Alpha.

Honda CD 8099,90086,000
Honda Neo Dream 110142,500119,000
Honda CB Shine 125163,000146,000

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Published by Saleh