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Published On 28-Oct-2019 06:01am , By Raihan Opu

Pulsar Stuntmania Season 1 is nearly coming to an end, and the Semi-Final of the event was broadcasted just a day back. The show will declare the winner in the Season finale, so let's revise how the top four were chosen and what challenges did they face to be the top four finalists!

Pulsar Stuntmania - The Semi Final

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Let's go back to what the finalists had to face. From the top 100 to top 30, to the top 10 and therefore surviving each week through tough challenges was not easy. The winner of the Pulsar Stuntmania will get 10 Lac Taka, and a Bajaj Pulsar NS160!

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Pulsar Stuntmania - Semi-Final

The Semi-Final started with the top 5 contestants of the show, taking on one of the toughest challenges yet. The rider had to start the course and reach a point where they had to row a boat to the other end of the lake to get started again. Then they set off with another bike on that side and started to take on the course and obstacles.

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There was a two ramp in the course, a zigzag track with very tight space, and a really slippery part where the riders had to be very careful.

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There was a haystack in the course, Some darts were hidden and the rider had to collect 8 darts from there.

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The time from start to finish was counted, and the penalty time was added to anyone who crashed on the slippery surface or did any mistake. And then, there was a twist!

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Pulsar Stuntmania - Pulsar Dart Game

The dirt game was simple yet complicated. There was a professional Rider doing zero circles, and at his bike, a dirt board was placed. The contestant rider had to do suicide burnout with his bike on the given spot and throw the darts he collected to the dirt board attached to the professional rider. For every successful dirt thrown to the board, he will get 30 seconds reduced from his original time from the first task.


All the riders managed to put a good amount of dirt on the board, and after all the challenge ended, Sanoar Hossain has declared the Stunt Rider of The Day! One of the riders, Siam was the one to leave the show in the semi-finals, making Sanoar, Kaiyum, Sadaf, and Ali the top four finalists of the Pulsar Stuntmania Season 1!

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The Final Episode of The Pulsar Stuntmania will be aired live on November 1, Live on NTV. The Final will also be live broadcasted on Pulsar Bangladesh Facebook Fanpage. We will keep everyone updated about the Finals and the winner of the show, so stay tuned to BikeBD Website.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is Pulsar Stuntmania?

Ans: Pulsar Stuntmania is the first-ever motorcycle stunt-based reality show in Bangladesh.

What Bikes Are Used In Stuntmania?

Ans: In Pulsar Stuntmania Season 1, Pulsar NS160 is used for all the stunts. (Source)

When Is The Pulsar Stuntmania Grand Final?

Ans: Pulsar Stuntmania Season Finale will be aired like on November 1, 2019.

What Is The Grand Prize of Pulsar Stuntmania?

Ans: The Winner of Stuntmania will receive 10 Lac Taka and a Bajaj Pulsar NS160!

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