Price Of CBU Motorcycles In Bangladesh Increase

Published On 24-Jun-2018 04:15pm , By Ashik Mahmud

During the month of Ramadan the Bangladeshi government announced that 2018-2019 budget. During the budget there were no major announcement about the tax increase or decrease on motorcycles but under the radar they slightly increased the tax of CBU Motorcycles. We think this will put an effect on the market and Price of CBU Motorcycles In Bangladesh Might Increase after 2018-2019 Budget.

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The import structure consist of 6 different things
  • Customs Tax
  • Supplementary Duty
  • Regulatory Duty
  • VAT
  • AIT
  • ATV

In the CBU (Complete Build Unit) Tax structure in all the other 5 tax segments the duty structure will remain the same, but the Bangladesh government has increase the ATV now by 1% which was 4% in the past. ATV is known as Advance Trade Vat. By increasing this by 1% the overall tax of a CBU bike will increase by 1.66%. So now the overall tax will be around 154% on CBU bikes which was around 152% before.

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According to our math, the price of CBU motorcycles in bangladesh will go up by 3000 -6000 BDT depending on the models of bikes. Currently major motorcycle companies all bring bikes in CKD or in manufacturing process but companies like Yamaha only brings motorcycles in Bangladesh in CBU Condition. Price of most Yamaha bikes might go up by 3000 – 6000 BDT. Although there are no official confirmation from ACI Motors about this. Those companies price will come down in Bangladesh who will be going into manufacturing in Bangladesh, Bangladesh Government will help them in many ways in the future so that they can make the manufacturing process easy & fast and the people of Bangladesh can get motorcycle at lower cost in the future.

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Most disappointing thing of all for me was that they didn’t increase the engine cc limit in Bangladesh. I was expecting that they will give permission of 250cc motorcycles in Bangladesh but I think due to general election coming end of the year they backed out of it. For more information keep visiting our website and facebook fan page.

Published by Ashik Mahmud