Indonesian President Riding on Bike Asian Games 2018 - Whats The Message???

Published On 01-Sep-2018 11:27am , By Ashik Mahmud

For the last one week we have seen a very interesting video over the internet that caught the attention of many bikers in Bangladesh. The video was about President of Indonesia JokoWidodo riding motorbike in the opening ceremony of Asian Games 2018 (Source). president ride on bike asian games 2018 

The video showed that Mr. President was on his way to the opening ceremony of the Asian Games 2018 and on his way he encounters traffic and because he was getting late for the program he decided to go there with a motorcycle. The motorcycle he chooses was a Yamaha FZ1. One of the big message he gave through the video is that motorcycle is one of the most efficient and cheaper mode of transport in the world. Indonesia is a big bike market in sub continent and with a motorcycle you can have a hassle free ride. 

yamaha fz1

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 In the video we can see that Mr. President was going to the opening ceremony of Asian Games 2018 by a Yamaha FZ1 motorcycle. He used the bike to jump over a ramp to get over the crowd, also he moved in zig-zag manner in standing traffic. While going through a narrow lane he encounters traffic from the opposite direction where he stopped the bike by performing a stoppie. Throughout the video he showed excellent controlling & balance of the Yamaha motorcycle.

 asian games 2018 

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All through the video he gave some good message to the bikers. Upon sitting on the motorcycle he asked for a helmet. Another thing which was nice to see that while coming in front of school he stopped the bike and then let the students cross the streets first, something which we too in Bangladesh should follow.


Yes in a car you are safer & more comfortable but a motorcycle will save more time of yours & also it will cost you less if you talk about fuel. You should always ride a motorcycle with proper safety gears. 

yamaha fz1 bike

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Day by the day Dhaka city is getting crowded with traffic & there is no doubt that a motorcycle will be faster than any public transport moving from place to place & it is also very convenient.  Day by day the number of motorcycle in Bangladesh is increasing but it is a request to all bikers that you must ride a motorcycle using proper safety gears and also follow the traffic rules & regulation.

Published by Ashik Mahmud