Omera 20w40 Motorcycle Engine Oil Test Review

Published On 28-Aug-2015 03:33pm , By Shuvo

We get many queries about engine oil; many riders ask us which engine oil to use for their bikes. Sadly many riders don’t even bother the owner’s manuals where every bike companies state which grade engine oil they should use for their bikes. Today we will talk in depth about Omera Engine oil.

Omera 20w40 Motorcycle Engine Oil Test Review

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Firstly let’s make you bored with some lectures, in Bangladesh there are many engine oils, but most people don’t know which engine oil to use or not. First of all to understand whether the engine oil is useable for bikes or not you have to see whether the bottle which you are buying has the word “4T’’, which means 4 Stroke. Then you have to see whether it has the certification from JASO (Japanese Automotive Standards Organization ) and API (American Petroleum Institute) , if you find the following things printed on the can of the engine oil then you can move forward in buying it.Omera Engine oil Certified from JASO as highest standard JASO: MA2 & From API as API: SL.

Now comes the types, in Bangladesh we have 3 types of engine oil:

  • Minerals
  • Semi- Synthetic
  • Full Synthetic

Usually Full synthetic are most expensive and the viscosity of the oil also last more than 2-3 times more than that of the minerals. In Bangladesh most people use mineral engine oil as it cost less (between 400-500 BDT) and with them you can go 800-1200 km between oil changes. Omera manufacture engine oils of 2 grades, 10W30 & 20W40, and recently we have tested their 20W40 grade engine oil.

Omera 20W40 grade   engine oil is complete mineral engine oil, which comes in a 1 liter bottle and cost 430 BDT if you buy from Omera sales point, you can also get the oil at lower cost from the dealers but we would suggest that you buy from an authorized dealer for original engine oil. The Bottle is red color and the Bottle comes in a soft plastic.

Omera have their plant in Patenga in Chittagong, the same plant produces Mobil Super 4T, engine oil for the bikes. The plant is equipped with state of the facilities with modern technologies to produce the best engine oil for motorcycles which can be used for the riders in Bangladesh.

For testing we needed a bike and for the test we took a  TVS Apache RTR bike of Ashif Ahmed. The bike was 2000 km old when we poured the engine oil and as TVS also recommend the same grade of engine oil so it was a nice combination we had, and most of all we poured the oil just on the right time as the rider also had the chance to test the oil on the highway. Another big reason for choosing this bike was this bike was nearly as new so that we can state that the mechanical and technical side are all warmed up and won’t affect the testing of the engine oil.

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We poured the engine oil and we tested the bike in Dhaka city for the first 350 km, where it traveled in many different parts of Dhaka city, because we poured the oil after 20th Ramadan we had the privilege of having a congested Dhaka city where the bike rode in start-stop traffic for most of the time which put maximum pressure on the engine and clutch.

The bike were mostly tested on weekdays from Demra to Banani as Ashif vai have to travel to for 4 days a week, our main theme to test the performance of the oil on both city riding and for highways, we will look after many parameters during the testing and we will drain the oil at 1000 km to do a full assessment on the oil. In the city we saw some response from the oil; the engine became very smooth while the gear change was good too.

The biggest problem was the performance, unlike the other engine oils he used before Ashif vai said that though the engine oil does help to refine the engine with good smoothness and sound but the acceleration and hence the top speed of the engine dropped slightly.

omera engine oil test review

 Just after 350 km we took the bike for some highway ride to test the performance for long run and most importantly engine heat issue. In the congested traffic of Dhaka city we were given feedback that the oil performed nicely. On the highway we has a good feedback of smoothness, again the gear change was smooth so was the engine heat was which was constant but just like in the city we missed the high speed performance from the engine oil.

Many times Ashif vai reported that getting the torque to work while overtaking by lowering the gear was very tough. Despite TVS RTR is known for its power delivery he said that using Omera engine oil he lost 5% high speed from the bike.

Summary of the engine as stated by Ashif vai:


Engine heat: Keep engine heat tolerable (4 stars out of 5 stars)

Gear shifting: Super smooth gear shifting (5 stars out of 5 stars)

Clutch: Super smooth (5 stars out of 5 stars)

Engine Sound: Smooth Sound (3.5 stars out of 5 stars)

Mileage: Good mileage (4 stars out of 5 stars)


Acceleration: Average (2.75 stars out of 5 stars)

Top Speed: Average (2.5 stars out of 5 stars) 

What we can sum up from this test ride is that Omera engine oil (20W40) is engine oil that is designed for refinement but not for high speed performance, this is not the oil to be use for people who search for SPEED but rather for the people who want SMOOTHNESS from the engine.

BikeBD Note: One thing you have to note that, engine oil perform better after using three (3) times same brand same engine oil. The specialists measure the performance of engine oil by follow this standards.  So might be Omera engine oil will perform better after using 3 times.

Omera 20W40 is recommended for the following brand motorcycles:

Yamaha, Suzuki,  TVS,  Bajaj (excepct for Pulsar 150),  Lifan, Zongshen,Keeway.

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