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Noakhali; the core southern district of Bangladesh. We are the ‘Noakhali Riderz’ (NRZ) the first bikers group from Maijdi town. Actually it is a big, busy, aristocrat and popular city within South . It has some golden and considering communication site. Maijdi is the central City of Noakhali. Not only that but also it is the heart of business segment whether it is industrial or agricultural and here also situated the famous court.

noakhali riderz

About Noakhali Riderz: 

NRZ, is sorted form of Noakhali Riderz, is the first bikers group in Maijdi town and over Noakhali division .We had started our glorious journey officially with 13 members from last 27st August, 2013. But the happiest thing is that, within this short time, we become a big group of 15 active members and more other members are involved with other group work. And day by day our members are increasing tremendously.


Outline of NRZ: 

NRZ one of the first moving stunting group in Noakhali division which rolling with some outstanding boys.NRZ simply membered with over five hundred.But bike & cycle stunner are around thirty. Out of total stunner members15 members bike stunnerand 15 members plays for cycle stunting. And some members do other job like cameraman, posting etc. Now here are the faces of Noakhali Riderz:

md. rahat hossain

Founder of NRZ: Md.Rahat Hossain Advisor: Ajoy NRZ, Fahmid Admin Panel Member: Sobuj, Faysal, Bishal, Jamil, Sabbir, Ranan, Hossam. Photographer: Omor,Mahtab,Siam,Nobin,Sujon

We hope, the NRZ group will be recognized as one of best bike stunner group and take place as a famous, extreme stunner within other biker groups in Bangladesh.


Our Expertise’s: 

As we are the beginner we try our best and every day we are learning. And now we are habituated with 360, Chainsaw, Human Compass, Burnout, Suicide-Burnout, Donut, Basic Wheelei, Foot peg wheelie, High chair, One side circle, Christ, Side skitch, Stoppe, Rolling stoppe, 2up stoppe, stoppe& One hand stoppe.

noakhali  club bangladesh

Our Activities: 

We the NRZ members meet together in a certain safety place wearing safety gears and with helmet for stunt practice especially at evening hour. Everyone help each other to perform best and always share personal experiences. At each weekend we show our new learning’s and assess our improvements within the team. Considering individuals performance we select him for next stunt open show.

We tour several times traveled with our team in Dhaka, Comilla, Chittagong and Feni. We always tried to perform our best in front of crowd.

Besides this, we started some social works in response of our social responsibility. We arranged bike rally to warn other people to obey and follow the traffic rules & regulations, signals, not to cross safety speed limit and be cool in driving. We want to work also on education for the poor and also work against corruption. We think this will the key to save our society.

So readers, that’s all about Noakhali Riderz. Use helmet& ride safe. Always keep your parents in your mind who always been waiting for you’re safe return.

For more details visit our Facebook Fan Page here: >> Noakhali Bikers NRZ FaceBook Fan Page 

-By Rahat Hossain

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