My Bajaj Pulsar 150 Review : Replica of Pulsar 220

Published On 12-Nov-2013 07:23pm , By Shuvo

Hi everyone, my name is Sojib Hossian. Today i am going to present My Bajaj Pulsar 150 Review which i mod as a Replica of Pulsar 220. I am from north Baridhara opposite of Bashundhara Jamuna Future . I am a student and my age is 20 years. My 1st bike was 2011 Hero Honda hunk which color was silver.

My Bajaj Pulsar 150 Review : Replica of Pulsar 220

Bajaj Pulsar 150 Review

I like to ride bike from my childhood, unlike the others I was not fond of cars and I loved just {bikes}. In my life the 1st bike I experienced was a Yamaha RX 100. In my life my bike is every thing to me .I can’t live or think a moment without my bike. I love my bike very much; to me it’s a never ending relationship.

My 2nd bike was pulsar 180. After buying this bike I used it almost five days. Unfortunately then it was stolen. There are no papers for 180cc bikes in our country. So I couldn’t go to the station. Then i bought a Bajaj pulsar 150 which color was blue. Then i modified the bike like a pulsar 180. It was looking great after the modification.

I bought my pulsar 150 from Jishan-auto, Malibag, rail gate Dhaka. It costs me about 2.27lac BDT with all required papers. The day when I was decided to buy the bike I was alone because my friends were busy, my father was busy but I need the bike badly on that day.

Because the next day I couldn’t buy the bike because of sixty hours nationwide strikes .I took my bag and put the whole money which was almost 2.20lac in there. With the copy of our telephone and my driving license I reached there at 7:50pm and after buying the bike I returned home at 8:40pm.

bajaj pulsar 150

I was not happy with my pulsar 150 because there was a huge difference between pulsar 150 and pulsar 180.  Such as seating position, gear problems, and the slippy tires of 150 were really annoying to me. But I was happy about thinking that I got a new bike.

modified bajaj pulsar 150

As I mentioned before I am a student I need to go to my every day. We know that Dhaka is a city of traffic jam and we are familiar with it. In that time the bike helps me a lot. When I ride my bike, to me it’s like a . Why? Because after doing the all modification it gives me more power.

pulsar bike bangladesh

I serviced my bike time to time. I use WD40 to lubricant for the chain. I wash and polish my bike 2 times in a week.  I use QALCO Super 4T SAE20W 50 engine oil. I got this from an elder brother and he is an importer of QALCO engine oil. With this oil my bike gives me more mileage. Recently I have changed my bike clutch plate and color.

MODIFICATION: Now the question is why I call it 150F? I did huge modification in my bike. The list of the item and price tags are given below:

bajaj pulsar 150 review 

1. Pulsar 180 seat----------------------5000tk 

2. Pulsar 180 foot plate set-----------5500tk 

3. Pulsar 180 rear tire-----------------4500tk 

4. Pulsar 150 rear tire on front wheel 

5. Handmade plate holder-------------1000tk 

6. Modified howler like magellis------7500tk 

7. Pulsar 180 front wheel + 260mm disk-----15000tk 

8. Pulsar 220f kit-------------------------17500tk 

9. Pulsar 180 split Gabriel---------------1000tk 

10. Moxi air filter {non brand} ---------1700tk 

11. Apache RTR Front mud guard------2200tk 

12. Xenon HID 6000k--------------------2500tk 

13. 220 rear disk breke With back chesis and rear ring 2nd hand 12,000tk got from bappy hrz bro 14. 2 NGK Iridium spark plug 3000 tk from

15.R15 v2 handle bar 3500tk

To install all this items, charge was about 25000+ tk which makes a   total costs of 1,06,900tk. Modifications were done from Bangshal Mokim bazaar Bappy motors and Sojib motors. name {Khokon/Masum}.

Pulsar180 seat + 180 footplate, seating position was changed just like pulsar 180.Pulsar 180 rear tire gives me a good grip.  Currently I am using pulsar 150 tire on front wheel because some time I love to do basic stoppies.

pulsar bike price in bangladesh


My top speed with this bike was 119km/h. After doing all the modification now my top speed is 124km/h at {single}.


After doing all the modification power has been increased, tire is not slippy as before.  It gives me a good grip, and seating position is perfect for me, it’s also perfect for any long tour.

bajaj pulsar tail light


After doing all the modification the bike become heavier like as Karizma ZMR, mileage drops, sometimes bike power drops. After the modification I had a tour with my pulsar 150F Dhaka to Chandpur. This is almost 334.08km and I got superb performance from my bike.

I am very happy with my bike & I am proud to be a Pulsarian. Looking for your valuable comment about my  Bajaj Pulsar 150 Review & the modification i done.

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