Best Motorcycle Safety Tips Winter Riding For the Bike & Rider

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Riders, its winter! Are your prepared of that? Maybe you have collected a suit for going office or planned for buying a new blanket. So you are ready to hunt the cold. But are you ready for ride in winter? Hmm,, you may have collected a jacket or a branded pair of gloves.

Best Motorcycle Safety Tips Winter Riding For The Bike & Rider

So you are ready to ride in the cold winter. But again, are you prepared your stallion for the winter? No guys this time I am not asking for the apparels but for the overall biking preparation for winter. So riders lets discuss on this with "Motorcycle Safety Tips Winter Riding ".

winter motorcycle ride in bangladesh

Preparation For Rider:

First we need a preparation for the rider. In the cold winter riders need some special preparation. In other season we can ride with having simple preparations but in winter we need some extra attention against the cold & dusty weather. So take a look over the preparation segment for the rider.

  • Collect a suitable high neck jacket to avoid gust of cold air and dust. It will nice to collect lather or any water proof synthetic jacket.
  • Collect a riding scarf or muffler for covering neck & throat to keep you safe from cold & dust.

motorcycle gloves in bangladesh


  • Use full size wind proof hand gloves.
  • Change the helmet visor for clear vision. It will nice if you use a full face helmet. It will protect you from cold air and also dust, meanwhile you will be safe from cold & allergy problem.
  • Use synthetic air & water proof trouser when riding for long.
  • If you do not want to buy any riding gears considering winter, don't worry you can easily get ready with what you have. Wear your full rain coat over your regular apparels. Wearing the rain proof jacket & trouser really works equally like other costly riding apparels fighting against the cold winter. And for the long trip it really works better.
  • It's a general rule to wear shoe or boots while riding the bike. And in winter it is mandatory to collect a pair of boot. It is really a bad habit riding the bike wearing only slippers & Lungi as it looks like wearing complete suit & tie with slippers.

Guys, these were about your riding gears & apparels considering the winter. But those gears & apparels are also recommended to use in all weather while riding the bike. You can collect the seasonal gears to fit with the season. Some people does not concentrate on the apparels but it really essential while you riding a bike for a hassle free & safe ride.

Preparation For Bike:

Riders, we got some basic tips for the riding gears & apparels considering winter season. But another major thing is to prepare and maintain the bike especially for winter. So let's take a look over the preparation & maintenance of bike considering winter season.

  • First avoid culprit fuel stations that often sales contaminate fuel. Contaminate fuel is the core problem for all season and this goes worst in winter.
  • Try to use octane (RON 95) rather then regular petrol (RON 80) for hassle free quick ignition & perfect combustion in cold weather.
  • If needed retune the carburetor and let flow little more fuel than usually you have tuned.
  • If needed increase the engine idle speed for 100-300rpm to ensure smooth engine idling. Some rider thinks keeping engine idle speed in lowest position is the best practice. But keeping the idling position is good for saving fuel but not good in every situation. If lower idle speed causes engine hiccup than it will harm for the piston & cylinder. So it is recommended to keep the idle speed in the possible lowest position where engine responds smoothly and dose not creates any hiccup or regression.
  • Don't hesitate to start the bike using the choke. Some of us have some miss concept on using the choke frequently. Using the choke when needed is not harmful; moreover it is helpful to keep your bike combustion mechanism in good condition.
  • Drain the higher temperature rating (grade) engine oil. Try to use wider multi grade engine oil then the regular. For example, if you use 20W-40 grade you can switch to 10W-40 grade for shorter warm up time and smooth performance at low temperature at winter. It will nice if you switch to full synthetic engine oil as it works nice for winter.

motorcycle spark plug tips

  • Clean the spark plug & air filter and do it within a close interval as winter season is very dusty which makes them dirty within a short time.
  • If the spark plug & air filter near to wear then don't hesitate to replace them. Winter is the best time to replace them with new one to keep your bike with optimum performance.

motorcycle chain sprocket cleaning tips

  • Readjust the drive chain tension. Clean & lubricate the drive chain frequently as it get dirty and becomes stiff in winter.
  • Tune or replace your bike horn & signals if those are not in order. In winter people always covers their head & ears with mufflers so you need clear & sharp horns & signals to address them effectively on the road.
  • You also have to concentrate on the lighting system of your bike. In the winter riders frequently need the light & signals even in daytime due to fog and for clear visibility & appearance for opposite rider. So if needed change the lamps with higher performer lights & signals. It will nice if you attach extra fog light to signal your appearance on the road in fog and dark.

motorcyle battery maintenence tips

  • For using performer lights & signals you have to give attention to on the power source. Take care of the battery regularly then other time. If it near to ruin don't hesitate to replace it. 

In winter we always concentrate for our winter garments and apparels. For that reason we keep savings and spent more than other season on those. Like this a real biker should maintain a savings for tune-up and maintenance of the bike for winter season. In practical, seasonal change really affects both on bike & rider. Se we have to prepare for the seasonal change to keep ourselves running smoothly. So guys hope you are also prepared to ride safe & smoothly in winter. Hope this article about "Motorcycle Safety Tips Winter Riding" will help up you for tune up. Cheerzzzzz!

By-Saleh Md Hassan

Pic Credit: Rohit Rider

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