How To Reduce Motorcycle Noises - 6 Tips

Published On 26-Apr-2021 11:58am , By Jahid Hasan Jojo

A motorcycle is not only a commuting vehicle but also riding a motorcycle is a fun and the true sign of freedom. People enjoy riding free in the air but this freedom is not quiet or noise-free. Hence, noises are the hurdle that most of the time cuts off the riding peace. Therefore, here we have the 6 tips on how to reduce motorcycle noises. So join us, surely you will love to read.

How To Reduce Motorcycle Noises - 6 Tips


How To Reduce Motorcycle Noises

A motorcycle is a naked vehicle that has no car-like cabin which can fence a rider from the surroundings and also the noises. Moreover, motorcycle engines and other machinery are also remaining open, unlike any other vehicles on the road.

Further, a motorcycle has to deal with the noises from open surroundings especially due to the air turbulence. Thus the number of noises is huge that related to a motorcycle. Hence obviously some of the noises can be removed, minimized, and controlled by adopting some techniques. So here are those tips on how to reduce motorcycle noises.

Reduce Exhaust Noises

The motorcycle exhaust system is the most mentionable source that produces huge noises. The modern motorcycle exhaust system is far quieter than the old-day motorcycles. Further, some higher capacity motorcycle also produces a larger amount of noises.

So put your efforts to reduce the motorcycle exhaust noise. In the old bikes, you can upgrade the exhaust system to a quality exhaust system. Further in common cases, you can also use a noise-canceling kit like DB-Killer or repack the exhaust barrel. Thus most of the noises can be minimized.

Reduce Air Buffering Points

Air buffering is another most significant source of noise in motorcycles. So a motorcyclist needs to be caring about reducing air buffering from the motorcycle. Accordingly, find out any of the loose ends from the motorcycle and luggage system. Keep everything tightened and well fastened.

Accordingly, anyone can use aerodynamic windshields, cowling, and fenders. Thus increasing aerodynamic features air buffering noises can be minimized and can be canceled. The most amazing feature of modern bikes they are made aerodynamic and obviously those are quieter.


Do Periodic Maintenances

A carefully well-maintained bike always runs quiet and smoother. On the other side poorly maintained motorcycles never can perform noise-free. Hence do the proper periodic maintenance of your motorcycle. And if further needed never ignore to do necessary repair work and worn parts replacements.

While doing regular maintenance, drain the burned engine oil, clean or replace air and oil filter, clean the spark plug. Those are necessary to perform the engine quiet and smooth. Further, check for any loose parts and lube all the moving parts carefully.

Keep The Drive Chain Maintained

The motorcycle drive chain is another important part that can make a huge noise and impact a motorcycle's performance. Hence to get a noise-free smoother rolling chain drive you should maintain the chain properly within a periodic interval.

Accordingly, clean the chain and lube thoroughly. Adjust the chain tension, slack, and align. Worn chain and sprocket should have to replace accordingly. Thus you can get a noise-free chain that surely will enhance your riding fun no doubt.


Keep The Wheels Well Maintained

To get a motorcycle noise-free operation the wheels also need some careful care. The wheel should have to be aligned and balanced properly. In such maintenance work, expert hand help is needed to align and balance the motorcycle wheels.

Further, the tires also are a vital source of making noises. Hence keep the tires in manufacturer-recommended air pressure. Further use surface dedicated thread of tires and of course do proper break-in of new tires before doing a long motorcycle trip.

Use Aerodynamic And Quality Riding Gear

Lastly, the riding wear of a motorist also is a vibrant source of making air noises and simultaneously quality gear also can reduce air noises. Thus one should use quality dedicated riding gears like a quality aerodynamic helmet, a good fitted riding suit, and of course a pair of riding boots.

Obviously, those tackle and cancel unnecessary noises, ensure comfort. Further, a set of quality riding gear increases the safety level of a motorcycle rider. Accordingly, the luggage system on the motorcycle also should have to be tightened and well fastened. That’s all about how to reduce motorcycle noises, that's it.

Published by Jahid Hasan Jojo