Motorcycle Lean Angle - A Brief Discussion

Published On 10-Sep-2017 05:50am , By Saleh

Motorcycle is the most adventurous as well as a dangerous vehicle. Riding a motorcycle is a fun therefore leaning & cornering is something more which gives the feeling of real adventure. Hence motorcycle lean angle is very much related term which associated with modern performance motorcycles. So making this term more clearly to our readers we are herewith Motorcycle Lean Angle – A Brief Discussion. Let’s head in.


Motorcycle Lean Angle - What is that?

A motorcycle is the vehicle which runs ensuring balance even every millisecond. Here the rider plays the major roll of balancing the motorcycle against the gravity and speed. No other vehicle rather than motorcycle need such a précised balance even riding very straight.

Moreover in turning and in the corners a motorcycle needs to ensure some critical balance against speed, gravity and velocity. Therefore leaning in turning or in corners is an essential technique to keep the motorcycle in balance. So leaning is a very common term of balancing a motorcycle.


Hence here the term comes how much a rider will lean his or her bike to keep it in balance. In answer, it depends on the angle of the corner, motorcycle velocity, riding surface & tire surface condition, motorcycle weight etc.

The calculation basically comes just on the turning moment of a motorcycle which achieved by riders previous learning and experience. But modern researchers calculated out the maximum leaning angle of a motorcycle from the straight riding position which ensures the safety margin. So this is the lean angle of a motorcycle.

Leaning angle of a motorcycle is relatively varies according motorcycle type and mode of riding. So motorcycle lean angle is not equal for every segment of motorcycle. For example MotoGP racing bikes lean angle is much wider and different than the street sports or regular street bikes.


Motorcycle Lean Angle Sensor

Motorcycle lean angle sensor is a sensitive part therefore a sensor which acts according the leaning of the motorcycle. The lean angle sensor actually detects the leaning angle of the motorcycle therefore the motorcycle engine. When the a certain motorcycle crosses over the safe margin of lean angle then it cuts off the engine power and stop it.

The lean angle sensor therefore LAS has different name from different brand or manufacturer. Some manufacturer names it as Tip Over Sensor, Bank Angle Sensor, Slop Angle Sensor or with other name. LAS is the device generally that attached in the circuit in between power and ignition coil and makes the circuit complete.

This setting actually is applicable for most common profile bikes. But in the high profile premium bikes it also sends angle data toward the motorcycle engine control unit therefore ECU. The ECU responds to the angle data and takes necessary safely and controlling measures.

Motorcycle Lean Angle

Motorcycle Lean Angle Sensor Utility

The basic utility of the motorcycle lean angle sensor is it cuts off the power of the engine while the motorcycle goes over the safe lean angle limit. You know a motorcycle engine is a combination of many high speed moving parts. When a certain model of motorcycle goes over the safe angle limit it surely goes to face a crash. Therefore in such situation the engine needs to be off to minimize internal mechanical hazard and also minimize destruction accrued from spinning wheel or drive chain.

Hence this feature is the most basic feature of a motorcycle lean angle sensor. And circuit cut off feature is the basic feature which commonly adopt for the most general profile bikes. But in the high profile premium bikes the lean angle sensor also does some additional tasks.

It sends angle data to the ECU therefore it helps for controlling traction control, ABS control on corners, wheelie control in lean condition etc. And commonly the engine ignition cut-off feature acts when the bike goes over the safe lean angle limit. That’s it.


So readers, that was our brief discussion on Motorcycle Lean Angle and the sensor. Wish you have gotten a clearer idea of the term and the related device. If you have any further confusion or query on our Motorcycle Lean Angle – A Brief Discussion then feel free to comment. Therefore stay connected with us for upcoming discussions. Thank you all.

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