Lifan KPR 165R Test Ride Review by Team BikeBD

Published On 24-Oct-2018 09:42am , By Ashik Mahmud

Lifan KPR 150 has been one of the most popular sports bike in Bangladesh for the bikers who are low on budget. The bike is unique, despite been a Chinese bike manufacturer Lifan tried their best to keep the design unique, they used their own R&D and tried to make a good-looking everyday use sports bike. With the 165cc engine regulation, we managed to write up Lifan KPR 165R Test Ride Review by Team BikeBD.

Lifan KPR 165R Test Ride Review By Team BikeBD

lifan kpr 165r test ride review 2018 bikebd

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Lifan KPR 165R Test Ride Review - Engine

The engine of Lifan KPR 165R is a single cylinder, 2 valve, and liquid cooled engine. The engine is connected with a 6 speed gearbox which transfers 16.8 BHP @ 8000 RPM & 17 NM @ 6500 RPm of Torque to the rear wheel.

kpr 165r engine

 The engine does produce some minor vibration but that is negligible. Also the EFI system makes the bike smoother the Lifan KPR150. I personally loved the engine grunt. Initially the gearbox of the bike gearbox remains hard and it doesn’t soften too much unless you cross 2000 km.

Lifan KPR 165R Test Ride Review - Design & Looks

There are no changes in the looks of the bike. It is just the same as Lifan KPR150. The front LED projection headlight gives the bike an unique look to this motorcycle and keep this apart from any other bike in this segment.

lifan kpr 165r price in bangladesh

The bike is aggressive looking & unlike some bike it has a saddle height of 775 mm which is mostly helpful for bikers even with a height of 5 feet 3 inch but some bikers around the 6 feet mark will find it uncomfortable to ride.

There is also a full LED tail light but what is disappointing that they didn’t changed the indicators of the bike, they could have added an LED unit. The speedometer has an analog REV counter while a digital speedometer. The speed indicator is very small; it should have been a bit more large font.

lifan kpr 165r speedometer

The fuel tank of the bike is fully metal while the body kit of the bike is plastic. But the plastic aren’t of low quality & it is hard. The bike is compact and slim which makes it easier for bikers of low height and low health to ride & use it in day to day activities.

Lifan KPR 165R Test Ride Review - Wheels, Tyres, Brakes & Suspensions

The 17-inch all alloy rim fitted wheels give good feedback along with the tyres. Both the tyres of Lifan KPR165R are tubeless type tires. The clip on handle bar of the bike isn’t aggressive but it does give a sporty feelings.

lifan kpr 165r review


Up front there is a 90 section tyre, while on the rear they added 120 section tyre. This is a bit disspointing as on the corners you could feel that lack of 130 section rear tyre. Lifan missed a trick here, also the grip from the rear tyre isn’t the world’s best when you ride over some dust or sand. Currently all Lifan KPR165R coming in Bangladesh have Timsun tyre instead of CST.

With the bike weighing 150 kg and given that amount of power & torque Lifan introduced 300 mm front disc brake. Rear disc brake is of standard size. The braking of the bike is really good. There are many motorcycles in the market which has power but they somehow manage to make a blunder in the braking, this is where Lifan KPR165R stands out.

kpr 165r suspension


A 37 mm front telescopic suspension gives good feedback but the rear monoshock suspension is a little handful once you carry a pillion. It is very hard and doesn’t give good feedback on bad roads.

Lifan KPR 165R Test Ride Review - Riding Experience 

The seating position is good and it doesn’t give any back pain. The pillion seat isn’t comfortable due to hard rear suspension, but the feedback from the front suspensions is good.  Because the bike is slim you can park and move the bike easily in congested traffic but the turning radius is moderate.

lifan kpr 165r user review


The bike gallops from 0-110 km/h. It is one of the fastest in the acceleration department but after 110 kmph the climbing of the speed slows down & so far we managed to gather 138 kmph on the speedometer. This fast acceleration is due to the torque of the engine which kicks the 150 kg weight of the bike along with the rider.

The braking efficiency of the motorcycle is really good but I still think that adding a 130 section rear tyre would have made this motorcycle a better instrument on the corners. Also the rear end grip for the motorcycle isn’t good as you can feel sometimes in hardcore acceleration that the rear tyre couldn’t take the load of the torque which been released from the ferocious engine.

lifan kpr 165r price in bd 2018


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Engine tends to overheat at times so it might be uncomfortable for riders but due to the overheating issue there isn’t any problem with the bike’s performance. The drive chain tends to loosen up quiet often.

In the city we received a mileage figure of 38 – 40  kmpl in city while on the highway ( Dhaka - Sylhet) we received a mileage of 42 – 44 kmpl. Due to EFI technology you always need to take good quality fuel in the bike. In our testing we received a Top Speed of 138 kmph which is sad as the Lifan KPR150 did 132 kmph.

lifan 165r price


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The bike we tested was the very first version of Lifan KPR165R, now all the bikes which are coming in Bangladesh have Timsun 120 section tyre instead of CST tyre. Rasel Industries Ltd also said that very soon they will remap the ECU of all the Lifan KPR165R bikes in Bangladesh which will help them to unlock the RPM limter which they believe will help have better top speed.

Rasel Industries Ltd also suggest all the Lifan KPR150 & KPR165R users to change the coolant of their bike after 1000 km and use Motul or Castrol coolant (make sure it is original). In my test I have used Synthetic engine oil & found that the hard gear changed soften after 2000 km.

kpr 165r rear suspension


Lifan KPR 165R Test Ride Review - Summary of the Review

Good Side

  • 0-110 kmph quick acceleration.
  • Good headlight power.
  • Good braking & controlling at higher speed.
  • Good cornering ability but 130 section rear tyre would have made things better.
  • EFI system makes the bike smooth.

 Bad Side

  • Engine over heating issue, it makes the whole fuel tank hot.
  • Rear suspensions not good for pillion.
  • Chain of the bike loosen up very soon.
  • Rear tyre needed to be of 130 sections to carry the torque.
  • Top speed is a bit disspointing.

lifan kpr 165r price 2019

Lifan KPR 165R টেস্ট রাইড রিভিউ বাংলায় পড়তে এখানে ক্লিক করুন

We have seen with Lifan KPR150 that Chinese bikes aren’t there where they used to be 7 years back, Lifan KPR165R also carried that same momentum. The price of 219,900 BDT is a bit high for this motorcycle but this motorcycle’s ready pickup will surprise you once you twist the throttle. We want to thank GearX Bangladesh for being the accessories partner, Nitol Insurance for bring the Insurance partner & Tourino Tyres for bring the Tyre partner throughout the Test Ride Review.

Published by Ashik Mahmud