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Published On 28-Oct-2017 09:31am , By Saleh

Most of us ask us why we don’t review too many bikes from the commuting segments, well the biggest reason is that not too many are interested in the commuting segments as most of bikebd readers want to know more about 150-165 cc bikes but over the past 6 months the motorcycle market boomed a lot and to avoid traffic jams in major metropolitan cities not to mention to save time & money many are now moving for 100 cc commuting bike, to fulfill the needs of those bikers we present you the BikeBD Keeway Magnet 100cc Review.

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Keeway Magnet 100cc Review - Engine

Keeway Magnet 100cc first of all this is a commuting motorcycle so don’t expect too much from the motorcycle, the bike carries a 100 cc engine which delivers 7.4 BHP @ 7500 RPM & 7.6 NM of Torque @ 5500 RPM. It is an air cooled engine with single cylinder unit with 2 valves and it carries a 4 speed gearbox where all the gear changes are in the front. It has both self & kick starter. Keeway Magnet 100cc review  we saw that the engine noise isn’t smooth like Honda bikes. There are vibrations from the engine around 5500-6000 rpm which for many will be a bit odd. Gear changes are normal. It makes noise sometimes from neutral to first gear but with times it should get better.

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Keeway Magnet 100cc Review - Specification

Keeway Magnet 100cc Review - Looks, Break and Suspension

The bike has a halogen headlight. The parking light is situated at the chin aggressive looks to the bike. The colour design of the bike is very good, with a mix of red in the front of the bike while the tail is coloured as black. The colour options have duel tone option for better looks of the bike. Keeway Magnet 100cc  has a leg guard at the front of the bike and saree guard at the rear for the pillion rider. Both the pillion & rider seat is comfortable for city riding. The bike is small in size & height and it has good space to carry two grown up person. The fuel tank is fully steel and there are no plastic on it except for the two air scoop on the side of the fuel tank which allows air to cool the engine. Speedometer of the bike has an analog speed counter & RPM counter with a digital fuel gauge. There is odometer and trip meter & other warning lights.  Fuel gauge doesn’t show the accurate amount fuel all the time.

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The thing which is very bad about all the Keeway bikes is that they still have the neck lock at the neck of the bike like traditional CG125 bikes which is not the correct place to have in the modern day. Despite been a Chinese motorcycle the switch gears of the bike are of good quality. It has all the necessary buttons including the pass light & the engine kill switch.

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There is pillion grab rail, extended footpeg on the left hand side of the bike with saree guard to have a pillion rider sitting with her legs on the same side. The gear lever is standard gear lever which allows you to change gear comfortably. If the clutch is not adjusted properly then you may find difficulty in changing the gear of the bike.

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They fitted the bike with alloy wheels but it would have been better if they would have installed tubeless tyres. In this price segment it is almost impossible to get tubeless tyres but if Keeway can install in the near future it will be a good feature for the customers.

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The width of the tyre is standard in this segment where people are more concern about mileage. Along with the bike the exhaust is also designed well to give more momentum to the looks of the bike. Both the tyres are fitted with drum brakes, in the past they used to have disc brake version of Keeway Magnet but now they have only the drum brake version. Just like most drum brakes bike the front braking of the bike is a bit weak but the rear brakes work perfectly.  

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Keeway Magnet 100cc front suspensions of the bikes are telescopic while the rears are telescopic oil spring oil damped. Although the suspensions are good on good roads but the front don’t give too much feedback on a bad road with potholes & if you happen to hit them at high speed then lot of shock wave go through your body. The bike is short and small which is good news for people who are short like me and also for people who are new riders will also find it easier to control. I like the handle bar of the bike, even though it is not that much spread out but it is very easy to ride through heavy traffic & through small gaps. Turning circle of the bike is good for city commuting.  

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Keeway Magnet 100cc Review Riding Experience: 

First of all it is a commuting bike so performance figure is something you won’t find too much in the bike. For the people who are asking the top speed we achieved is 95 km/h (rider only). Mileage we achieved in the city is 52-55 km/l * & on the highway around 60-65 km/l ** (mileage figure may vary depending on traffic condition, bike condition & riding style of the biker). The reason for this mileage is for the new device which is installed in the bike, TPS (Throttle Positioning Sensor), which is a small sensor which calculate the amount of twist of the throttle and pass the right amount of fuel through the carburetor, it is not as high tech as EFI or FI systems found in most 4-5 lac bikes but rather a mechanical device. Currently most Keeway motorcycles in this segment have TPS so it is a bit tough to understand the difference in mileage between TPS & non TPS.  

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Riding in heavy traffic the bike gives good feedback. Turing circle is good and added to that because it is light & short in height anyone who can ride the bike can control it. I miss the disc brake option in the bike but the drum brakes gives standard feedback. In the previous versions they had disc brake but to lower down the cost they didn’t install it. Corning ability of the bike is pretty good. Tyre grip is good both in the dry & in the rain. I rode in torrential rain and not for a moment I was scared with the bike. I really was on the limit with the bike. One of the reasons for the stability is the weight of the bike; with a dry weight of 117 kg the bike has proper weight distribution.  

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Riding comfort is good if you want to ride 50-60 km per day in Dhaka city but the front suspension needed some more work as the feedback from them is minimum but the rear suspensions feedback is good for sole ride. The 14 litre fuel tank along with the mileage it gives is good for both city & highway ride. Headlight intensity for night ride is good as the lights are DC. Build quality of the bike is good comparing its price but adding tubeless tyres & disc brake not only would have increased the safety & appeal into the bike in the price range.  

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Keeway Motorcycle Showroom In Bangladesh

Engine vibration is something they need to work on, the ride is smooth but there are vibrations around 5500-6000 rpm something which sometimes could be irritating but at the same time you have to understand that with the price tag it will be hard to get a combination of good looks, build quality & good engine all at the same place. Keeway Magnet 100cc is priced at 92,900 BDT & it comes with 2 years or 20,000 km engine warranty & 4 free servicing. Colours options available are Red & Black as due tone & Full Black You can also now buy Keeway Magnet in EMI through Easter Bank Ltd, South East Bank, Brac Bank, Amex, Lanka Bangla.  

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Keeway Magnet 100cc টেস্ট রাইড রিভিউ বাংলায় পড়তে এখানে ক্লিক করুন

  I hope to represent every detail about the bike in this article of BikeBD About Keeway Magnet 100cc Review. Keeway Magnet is for those people who want a motorcycle to commute in Dhaka city to avoid the hectic public transport & I honestly believe that this is one of the most beautiful looking & good build quality motorcycles under the 1 lac price range. We want to thank Race Accessories for being as an accessories partner with us for this test ride review.

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