How to Wash Riding Jacket & Trousers Cleaning the Textile Gears

Published On 29-Nov-2020 11:40am , By Raihan Opu

How to Wash Riding Jacket & Trousers

Riding jackets & trousers are the most important riding gear that needs to be wearing on every long motorcycle ride. On the other sight, it’s too important to clean or wash them within an interval. So here comes our discussion on in-house low-cost cleaning techniques. Obviously, it’s convenient and also time & money-saving.


So hereby a question can be placed that is, what kind of wearing we can clean or wash at home? The answer is nothing here is like rocket science. You can do wash every riding gear at your home. But of course with taking specific proper procedures and attention.

Whatsoever, our concentration is ‘How to clean riding jacket & trousers, and we’re talking here about only textile gears. So feel free to wash your textile gears at home with your own. Further to avoid misconceptions or some wrong do follow our advice.

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First, you should keep in mind that textile materials are most convenient to use. It’s also convenient to clean, wash, and reuse. Therefore it’s easier to maintain than any other type of riding gears. So don’t even bother to avoid commercial laundry services and happily do the cleaning on your own.


How to Wash Riding Jacket & Trousers?

Now coming directly to the topic, how to wash the textile gears, it’s very easy and simple. Just soak the textile jacket & trousers in the soap-water and clean it like your regular jeans or cord jackets. But few concentrations you should put here as cleaning any type of riding gears need some extra care. So do follow our tips.

  • Always use lukewarm water, better to avoid cold or hot water.
  • Use mild soap or shampoo water, avoid harsh detergent or soap agents.
  • Just avoid any kind of chemical or harsh cleaning agent.
  • Don’t put the riding gear in washing machines.
  • Don’t dry those in the dryer.
  • Dry any type of textile gears in mild sunlight and better airflow area.
  • It’s better to avoid heavy sunlight.

Basic Cleaning & Washing Process

Cleaning and washing the textile jacket or trousers are very easy and simple. It’s just like washing your regular jeans-wears we’ve mentioned earlier. But those riding-wears are quite a mixture of sophisticated & rugged materials. Hence, cleaning these wears you should maintain a sequence. So let’s do it as follows.

  • Separate all the liners & detachable protective or hard parts.
  • If detachable then separate the solid, mesh, and puffed liners.
  • Clean different textile & protective materials separately.
  • Put all the same category textile items in the same bucket.
  • Use mild soap-water to soak the dirty wearing.
  • Soak the gears in the water for enough time to melt-off the solid dirt’s.
  • Use plenty of water so that you can rinse the dirty textile easily under soap-water.
  • Never rub the textiles damn hard. You don’t need your gears sparkling or shining like the brass. Simply do it to clean out the dirt.
  • Follow the sequence, soak-rinse-soak, and then clean the gears with solid & clean water.
  • Then hang the gears under light sunlight in the air. It’s better to hang those in the airflow area.
  • Most importantly never ever twist it like the regular clothes to get squeezed out the water.


So that's the process which is very simple to clean & wash any type of textile riding gears. One thing, you’re never known what a specific laundry does use to clean and shine your gears. Hence, of course, it’s far better to wash your own than the commercial laundry services.

Perhaps a laundry wash can give your gears look like a new one. But we can guarantee, doing this job on your own surely will increase your gears service life. Thus do a headache-free wash, save your money, and also time. Then have a safe free-ride! Cheers!

Published by Raihan Opu