How To Get a Motorcycle Driving License in Bangladesh?

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In every country there is a road authority in the same way Bangladesh has one too. A Bangladeshi person is dependable on BRTA for his motorcycle driving license in Bangladesh  by BRTA we mean Bangladesh Road Transport authority. Before getting a license a person has to go through various steps & he has to follow different rules and regulation which are compulsory.

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how to get Motorcycle driving license in Bangladesh 

BRTA Mipur,Dhaka Office

How To Get A Motorcycle Driving License In Bangladesh?

To get a driving license a person has to give a test for getting a learner’s license because without it he wontbe able to get the original one.And that license also includes a fixed date when he will have to go through a test under BRTA. A learner’s license form includes name,father’s name,address,his date of birth,blood group,than the organisation’s name with address.

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License number and date of the organization,and with the license he will have to attach the document of fees,document of age verification, and address verification document.and he will have to include a medical document with it,which will include many questions about the person’s health and habits. in both the form he will have to attach his photos and give his signature.

 After getting the learner’s license he will have to appear a test under BRTA as we know so in that test he will be asked questions about traffic regulations and in practical test he will have to drive through marked areas without  any deviation. It can also be driving in a slope,soits quite hard for a beginner to give this test. A result is given by the instructor whether he is capable to get a license or not and it totally depends on its scores. And after passing the test,he can legally drive a motorcycle.

how to get Motorcycle driving license in Bangladesh 

Inside of BRTA Mirpur,Dhaka

A person has to be minimum 18 years for a non professional and 20 years to be professional. Because being under 18 no one can get a driving license as he wont be considered as a citizen and also he wont be mature enough to drive a motor cycle.

In the above lines we just talked about the main procedure but except it a person have to be  capable in many other things.Such as a person has to be both mentally and physically strong.because we all know that driving isn’t that much creates pressure in our minds and pain in our body. Also he has to be good at watching and hearing only than he will be able to see and drive properly and hear other things,only then he will be able to save himself from a accident

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Only determination can help a person to learn driving.If someone have a strong determination he can learn driving within 2 weeks but if someone doesn’t have strong determination he/she cannot learn driving properly even in a month.

A person will get the license or not totally depends on the test,hisskills,his determination can make him pass through the test.and then BRTA will decide whether he deserves a license or not,so to get a license a person has to impress them in his test.

Thus,the procedure of  how to get motorcycle driving license in Bangladesh is described.

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