Honda H100S CDI – Once the Warrior Ruled & Rolling

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Honda Motor Company had made some awesome motorcycles even back in the 20th century (Source). Still, those successful models come in the discussion, appreciated, and crowned for their craftsmanship & reputation.

The Honda H100S CDI is one of the warriors who ruled the road until the end of the 20th century. And thus, it represented the brand HONDA. So, here we remember the King again with Honda H100S CDI – Once the Warrior Ruled & Rolling.

Honda H100S CDI - Overview

The Honda H100 is the 2-stroke motorcycle born in 1980. Just after the launch, the breed covered the European market in quick and later it expanded in South-American region.

In 1982 the model revised with updated features and tagged as Honda H100A. The new model then marketed also in different countries of South Africa, Australia, and Asia.

In 1985, the Honda released the most updated version of H100 adding the suffix S. Therefore, the model identified as Honda H100S. The model came with massive updates and enhanced features.

That core model widely marketed worldwide and it ruled till the end of the century. In Asia, it is widely known as Honda H100S CDI. Hence, it still carries the legacy by the nickname of HS CDI.

Whatsoever, the motorcycle carried different suffix code after the model name considering localized features those coded for different regions. Likewise, it found as H100S, H100S2, H100S-J, H100SG, H100SD in the different regions of the world.

Later from 1992, the motorcycle production discontinued but the legacy hasn’t ended. Still, you will find the old machines roaring on the road in the different corners of the world.

Honda H100S CDI – Once The Warrior Ruled in Bangladesh 

In Bangladesh, the Honda H100S CDI is known as a true warrior. The King ruled the road for around three decades. Thus, it made the people call the motorcycles as HONDA.

The motorcycle became available in our country from early 1986. That time the earlier model H100A and H100 already was available on the road.

Within a short time, the motorcycle grabbed the market and started its glorious journey. Till now its one of the most popular bikes in Bangladesh. Hence, still, a few old machines found on the road which is taken care of its legacy.

Again, this is the model that’s behind to make the Brand HONDA so popular in Bangladesh. So, interest comes what are the things those made the bike and even the brand Honda so popular in Bangladesh?

Quality that Honda H100S CDI Belonged and Created Brand Reputation

  • The Honda H100S CDI carried the update looks & design that was more advanced than the era. Even being an entry-level commuter that’s feature easily created customer attraction and won the heart even in the first look.
  • The Motorcycle was very light weighted, powerful, and most significantly easy to handle. The controlling feature was so handy that was easily controllable even to any ages of users.
  • The model carried a bulletproof single cylinder, 2-stroke engine. Hence, the engine was a true performer and its maintenance was too low. For that reason, it rolled on our road flawlessly for many years.
  • Being a well build durable machine it was not a maintenance hungry machine. Accordingly, the replacement of its spare parts also was not that frequent. Hence, these things made the bike so popular and the bike was at the top of the priority list at that time.

So, you can see the reasons behind the popularity of the Honda H100S CDI in Bangladesh and the same for the rest of the world. Relatively, other contemporary models of Honda like Cub 50, CD80 and later Honda CG125 carried the Honda legacy.

Therefore, the design, performance, utility, durability those created the reliability and reputation in favor of the Brand HONDA. Therefore, Honda carrying the legacy even now with the memory of Honda H100S CDI. Once the Warrior Ruled & Rolling with pride.

  FAQ- Frequently Ask Question

1. When did Honda H100S CDI was launched in?

Ans: Honda H100S CDI was launched to the UK in February.

2. What is the mileage of Honda H100S CDI?

Ans: Honda H100S CDI  fuel efficiency is only 20 kmpl on average which is really unexpected.

3. Who is the founder of Honda?

Ans:Soichiro Honda is the founder of Honda.   Related Article You May Like:

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