HONDA CBR150R 2015 Dual Headlight Coming in Bangladesh

Published On 24-Apr-2016 07:56am , By Saleh

The fight between HONDA & YAMAHA is going so well in Bangladesh motorcycle market. Over the years the fierce rivalry was limited to R15V2 vs CBR150R in the sports bike category. Because the main distributor/manufacturer are not bringing updated exclusive products. Now some importers are bringing LEGALLY some of the latest upgraded products in Bangladesh, and one of that to join the market will be HONDA CBR150R 2015 Dual Headlight in Bangladesh.

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Honda CBR150R 2015 dual headlight was launched in Indonesia back in September 2014, the bike carried the same technical specification from the older CBR150R but with a new design, chassis & detuned engine. The bike is a facelift from their core product CBR250R in Indonesia.

Straight away you will notice that the most significant change that came will be the dual headlights of the bike instead of conventional single unit headlight. The silencer of the bike is changed too as now it is longer & to be honest better looking than the old unit. The old CBR150R single headlight was copied more from VFR while this one is copied from the 300, 600 & 1000 series.


I have to say Honda did some good job with the design of the bike. They worked hard to make it better than the previous model and still good enough to be parked on the side with R15 V2. The new color scheme is also very nicely worked out by the company. Over the years most of the Honda CBR150R colors were a bit dull but I think this one will change the concept for a while.


The bike has a new fairing which looks much better than the old one. The central panel also adjusted and they changed the rear end of the bike to make it better looking than the previous models. The perimeter frame has been changed to updated TRUSS frame as per Honda Indonesia the new frame and suspension will make the bike more agile in the corners.


In the engine section the new HONDA CBR150R (2015) also made some changes. Though the engine is still the same but now the engine will pump out 16.9 BHP (same as R15 V2) and 13 NM of torque (2 NM down from V2). In the current market Honda CBR150R (Indian version) produces 18.3 BHP & 12.7 NM of torque, the bike still have that same 6 speed gearbox. 


The Indonesian engineer said that the engine has also been applying the PGM-FI technology EURO 3 emission standard which is more environmentally friendly and fuel efficient. But what really bugs me down is the weight of the new bike! The bike now weighs 143 kg, which is 5 kg heavier than the older unit. Am really waiting to see how it fights off with R15 V2 and the current market Honda CBR150R (Indian version).


Though the model is year old but I think Honda CBR150R (2015) looks much better than the current Honda CBR150R. While the distributors are being lazy in bringing the upgraded bikes in Bangladesh it is a good initiative that some importers are bringing R15V2, Xabre, M Slaz, FZ150i, CBR150R from Thailand & Indonesia & selling them in Bangladesh.


New Honda CBR150R Specifications

Engine type: Single-cylinder, DOHC, 4-valve, liquid-cooled, 4-Stroke

Step Volume: 149.5 cc

Diameter x Stroke 63.5 mm x 47.2 mm

Comparison Compression 11.0: 1

Maximum power of  16.9 BHP @ 10,500 rpm

Maximum torque of 13.0 Nm @ 7,500 rpm 

Wet sump lubrication Type

Oil capacity of 1.0 liter 

Engine Cooling Liquid Cooling System with Automatic Electric Fan

Fuel Supply System Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI)

Clutch Type Wet Multiplate with Coil Springs

Mode Manual Transmission, 6-Speed

Pattern Shift 1-N-2-3-4-5-6 ORDER

Frame Type Diamond (Truss) Frame / Trellis

Front Suspension Type Telescopic

Rear Suspension Type Suspension System Single with Pro-Link

Front Tire Size 100 / 80-17M / C (tubeless)

Rear Tire Size 130 / 70-17M / C (tubeless)

Front Brake Type Hydraulic Disc , With Dual Piston

Rear Brake Type Hydraulic Disc, With Single Piston

Fuel Tank Capacity 13.2 liters

DIMENSIONS Length x Width x Height 1,977 x 711 x 1,117 mm Distance Axis Wheels 1,296 mm Lowest distance to the Land 160 mm Seating height of 786 mm Empty weight 143 kg Passenger capacity of 2 people Minimum Turn Radius 2.600 mm

ELECTRICITY Battery Type MF 12V - 5.0 Ah NGK spark plug CPR9EA-9 or ND U27EPR9 Ignition Type Full Transistor Starter Type Electric Starter


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