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Hero Thriller 160R Refresh VS Yamaha MT 15

Last updated on 21-Dec-2023 , By Rafi Kabir

When it comes to the world of sporty and thrilling motorcycles, Hero and Yamaha have both established themselves as prominent players. In this comparison, we will delve into the Hero Thriller 160R Refresh and the Yamaha MT 15, two impressive bikes that have captured the attention of riders seeking power, agility, and style. This detailed analysis will explore their key features, performance capabilities, pros and cons, and ultimately help you make an informed decision when choosing between these two remarkable machines.

Table: Comparison between Hero Thriller 160R Refresh and Yamaha MT 15

Bike Information

Bike Name:

Hero Thriller 160R Refresh

Yamaha MT 15




Regular Price:

207000 BDT

425000 BDT

Bike Type:


Naked Sports


Nitol Niloy Motors

ACI Motors Limited

Engine Type

Air cooled, 4 Stroke 2 Valve Single cylinder OHC

155cc, Fuel-Injected, Single Cylinder, Liquid Cooled

Maximum Power

15 BHP

19 BHP

Maximum Torque

14 NM

14.7 NM

No of Cylinders



Fuel Supply

Fuel Injection

Fuel Injection

Transmission Type



No of Gears



Clutch Type


Wet Type Multi-Plate Assist & Slipper Clutch

Chassis Type

Tubular Diamond

Delta Box

Front Suspension

Telescopic (37 mm Dia) with anti friction bush


Rear Suspension

7 step Rider-adjustable Monoshock

Swingarm, (Link Suspension)

Front Brake Type

Single Disc

Single Disc

Rear Brake Type

Disc Brake

Disc Brake

Front Brake Diameter

220 mm

282 mm

Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)



Front Tire Size



Rear Tire Size

130/70 -R17


Tubeless Tires



Overall Length

2029 mm

2020 mm

Overall Width

793 mm

800 mm


1052 mm

1070 mm

Ground Clearance

165 mm

155 mm


139.5 kg

138 kg

Fuel Tank Capacity

12 Litres

10 Litres


1327 mm

1335 mm

Battery Type



Battery Voltage


12V 4AH

Head Light


LED Projector

Tail Light












RPM Meter



Handle Type

Pipe handle bar

Three part handle bar

Seat Type



Passenger Grab Rail



Engine Kill Switch



Hero Thriller 160R Refresh:

The Hero Thriller 160R Refresh is a dynamic and stylish streetfighter motorcycle that combines power and agility. With a revamped design and advanced features, it aims to provide an exhilarating riding experience. Powered by a 163cc air-cooled engine, the Thriller 160R Refresh produces a commendable power output of 15 horsepower and 14 Nm of torque. Its sharp and edgy styling, highlighted by LED headlamps, muscular tank shrouds, and a sleek tail section, gives it a striking presence on the road. Additionally, the Thriller 160R Refresh boasts a fully digital instrument cluster, a single-channel ABS system for enhanced safety, and an under-seat USB charging port for added convenience.

Yamaha MT 15:

The Yamaha MT 15 is a compact and aggressive streetfighter motorcycle that embodies the "Dark Side of Japan" concept. Featuring a 155cc liquid-cooled engine, the MT 15 delivers an impressive 19 horsepower and 14.7 Nm of torque, ensuring spirited acceleration and thrilling rides. Its distinctive design, characterized by a predator-like stance, a sculpted fuel tank, and a bifunctional LED headlight, exudes a sense of raw power and modern aesthetics. The MT 15 also offers advanced features such as a fully digital instrument cluster, dual-channel ABS for optimal braking performance, and a slipper clutch for smoother gear transitions.

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Performance: Both the Hero Thriller 160R Refresh and the Yamaha MT 15 excel in terms of performance, offering ample power and torque for an exciting riding experience. While the Thriller 160R Refresh has a slight edge in terms of engine displacement, the MT 15 compensates with its liquid-cooled system, potentially providing better heat dissipation and improved overall performance.

Design and Styling: In terms of design, both bikes showcase their own unique character. The Thriller 160R Refresh boasts a sporty and muscular appearance, while the MT 15 presents an aggressive and futuristic look. The choice between the two ultimately depends on personal preferences, whether you favor the Thriller 160R Refresh's sharp lines or the MT 15's distinctive predator-inspired design.

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Features: When it comes to features, both motorcycles offer modern amenities to enhance the riding experience. The Thriller 160R Refresh provides a USB charging port for added convenience, while the MT 15 incorporates a slipper clutch, which reduces the effort required for clutch operation and enhances overall control during aggressive downshifting. Additionally, both bikes come equipped with advanced instrument clusters and efficient braking systems, ensuring safety and convenience.

Pros and Cons - Hero Thriller 160R Refresh:


  • Powerful and refined engine performance.

  • Striking and muscular design.

  • Fully digital instrument cluster for easy readability.

  • LED headlamps for enhanced visibility.

  • Under-seat USB charging port.


  • Air-cooled engine may be susceptible to heat buildup in challenging riding conditions.

  • Limited color options compared to other competitors.

Pros and Cons - Yamaha MT 15:


  • Impressive power-to-weight ratio for spirited acceleration.

  • Aggressive and futuristic design.

  • Dual-channel ABS for precise braking control.

  • Slipper clutch for smoother gear transitions. 5

Pros and Cons - Yamaha MT 15 (continued):

  • Efficient fuel consumption for long rides.

  • Well-balanced chassis and suspension for agile handling.


  • Slightly lower engine displacement compared to some competitors.

  • Limited pillion comfort due to the compact seat design.

Pros and Cons Comparison:

Pros Comparison:

  • Both bikes offer impressive performance, with powerful engines that deliver exhilarating rides.

  • The design aesthetics of the Thriller 160R Refresh and the MT 15 are eye-catching and distinctive, catering to different style preferences.

  • The inclusion of advanced features such as fully digital instrument clusters and efficient braking systems enhances the overall riding experience for both motorcycles.

Cons Comparison:

  • The Thriller 160R Refresh may face challenges with heat buildup due to its air-cooled engine, while the MT 15's compact seat design may compromise pillion comfort.

  • The Thriller 160R Refresh has a limited color range compared to its competitors, while the MT 15 has a slightly lower engine displacement compared to some other bikes in its segment.

In conclusion, the Hero Thriller 160R Refresh and the Yamaha MT 15 are both exceptional motorcycles that offer power, agility, and style. The Thriller 160R Refresh impresses with its muscular design and refined performance, complemented by its convenient features. On the other hand, the MT 15 showcases an aggressive and futuristic design, coupled with a well-balanced chassis and advanced components. Ultimately, the choice between these two remarkable bikes depends on individual preferences, such as design aesthetics, performance priorities, and personal riding style. Consider your requirements and take a test ride to make an informed decision and select the motorcycle that best suits your needs.

Published by Rafi Kabir

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