Hero Motorcycle Price In Bangladesh Update : September 2015

Published On 07-Sep-2015 03:36pm , By Shuvo

Hero has recently updated their 150cc Hero Price In Bangladesh. Hero is the only company in Bangladesh who are bringing three models of 150cc (air cooled) bikes in BD. Hero Hunk, Hero Xtreme shares the same engine but different body structure while Hero Xtreme Sports is the new bike from them which is more powerful and lunatic than that of Hero Xtreme.

With the new price list they have increased the price of Hero Hunk and Hero Xtreme Sports but to our surprise they have decreased the price of Hero Xtreme, we tend to believe that Niloy Motors in the future will only work with Hunk and Xtreme Sports and they will discontinue Hero Xtreme when the stock runs out. It is noted that they increased the price of Hunk & Xtreme Sports by 15+ thousand while the price of Xtreme has been decreased by around 7-10 thousand.

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hero price in bangladesh 2015 Hero Xtreme Sports

Not only that Hero increases the price but after the budget they also decreased the price of two 100cc bikes in Bangladesh. The price of Hero Splendor Pro has gone down by 4000 BDT while cost of HF Dawn has gone down by 6500 BDT.

Hero Hunk (Single Disc)1,89,0002,06,000
Hero Hunk (Duel Disc)2,01,0002,17,000
Hero Xtreme (Single Disc)1,97,0001,90,000
Hero Xtreme (Duel Disc)2,10,0002,00,000
Hero Xtreme Sports (Single Disc)1,99,5002,09,000
Hero Xtreme Sports (Duel Disc)2,15,0002,25,000
Hero Splendor Pro1,38,0001,34,000
Hero HF Dawn1,14,0001,07,500

Hero Splendor is the most sold 100cc bikes in Bangladesh; it is the bike that put Hero Motorcycles on the map. One of the best things of Splendor is that the bike is a blend of power, mileage and quality. I love the bike’s suspension and its ability to be used roughly at any condition.  It is often the first choice for the people who want to buy 100cc bike.

We are glad that Niloy Motors kept the price of Hero Pleasure, the only from the company constant as it is one of the most popular in the market today and also they are hoping that in the future that Hero I Smart, their most fuel efficient bike will see a greater market share in the 100cc segment in Bangladesh (Source).

“The following price updated was collected from Hero Motocorp 3S Centre at Tejgao ”

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