Haojue DR 160 8000KM User Review - Saidur Rahman

Published On 21-Nov-2020 08:05am , By Raihan Opu

My name is Saidur Rahman. I am currently residing at Sylhet city. I first learned to ride a bike from a friend. The bike I learned on was the Haojue KA135. Then after two years of learning and polishing my skills on that bike, I bought the Haojue DR 160 bike. Here, I will try to express my unbiased opinion after riding the Haojue DR160 for around 8000km.

Haojue DR 160 8000KM User Review

 hajojue dr160 red color engine with front and rear tire

I have been fond of traveling since childhood. I have always had a special fascination for bikes. That fascination is what lead me to own a bike since December 2019. My mom bought me my favorite bike, the Haojue DR 160.

In terms of bikes, my choice was appearance, performance, mileage, and braking. I had an unique attraction towards Haojue. Some time back, I saw the Haojue DR160 for the first time in the first impression review of BikeBD at the Dhaka Bike Show. I later checked the Sylhet show-room to see the bike with my own eyes.

But the Haojue DR160 was going to become more popular than any other bike in this segment. Not many people know that Haojue is the number one motorcycle manufacturer in China.

It also has a joint venture with Suzuki, to produce Suzuki motorcycles in China. Haojue bikes are also in high demand in Latin American countries. So I suggest it with confidence.

I bought the bike from Sylhet Golden Motors. Those who have bought bikes from Golden Motors know how good of a man Mr. Adnan of Golden Motors is. The bike is priced at 1,99,500 Tk. Karnaphuli Group imports Haojue motorcycles to Bangladesh. As a Chinese bike, the price may seem a little too much, but, as soon as someone rides the bike, their opinion changes instantly.

 haojue dr 160 red color rear brake with user in front

I came to town from my village to buy this bike. My brother, my friend Rafi and I went to the show-room together and informed Mr. Adnan that we would like take the bike.

We took red because red looks beautiful combined with black. On the first day, I rode 50+ km with the bike. I rode and went back to my rural house. This is the first bike of our family.

After getting the bike ready from the show-room I got on the bike, I started it, opened the throttle up for the first time, and the bike started moving. That moment cannot be fathomed. I wish to tour a lot with this bike.

Haojue DR 160 Features -

Haojue DR160 is a 162 cc air-cooled FI engine bike. The maximum power is 15 bhp, and is capable of generating 14Nm of torque. The bike weighs 148 kg. This may seem like a lot, but the weight distribution of the bike is very exceptional, so it feels quite light. The bike has 130/60 section tires at the back and 100/60 section tires at the front.

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The front of the bike has a telescopic upside-down suspension, and the rear has a mono-shock suspension. A complete digital meter is definitely different and more attractive than many other bikes.

The bike also has CBS braking system.   I regularly rode this bike for 30 km every day. Performance never seemed much low to me. So far I got my bike serviced 6 times from the Authorized dealer.

But I think Karnaphuli should be a little more aware of their service centers. Their service center at Sylhet is not as good as the service center in Dhaka. The one at Sylhet seems like a regular after-market service center. There is a lack of modern equipment.

 dr 160 red color fuel tank side panel and rear suspension

I wash the bike once a week. I change the engine oil every 1000km. I have been using Haojue Recommended 10w40 grade Liqui Moly Engine Oil from the very beginning.

I also changed my braking fluid to DOT 4 braking oil. I tried checking the brake oil and spilled it so I had to refill the brake oil. I have maintained a break-in period of 2000 km.

After which I got a mileage of 42-46 km. Which is not to be expected on this type of bike. After the break-in period, I am getting 40-45kmpl of mileage. There has never been an exception.

I get around 40-41 mileage in the city and 43-46 mileage on the highway. So far, only the rear brake pads and air filters of the bike have been changed once. I didn't want to make any modifications to the bike.

Because the look of the bike in itself is an eye catcher. Although it does not have the torque like TVS Apache RTR 160 4V, its torque is more than enough. It has never disappointed me. You will get all the information required in its digital meter. The meter also has a temperature indicator which indicates when the bike is overheating.

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Although the company claims the maximum speed of the bike is 120 km / h, I have personally been able to hit a top speed of 124 km / h. The bike never seems to have trouble controlling. The vibration of the bike was also very low compared to other bikes.

 dr 160 split seat side stand and cahin cover with front rear tire

The braking performance of the bike is also exceptional. On the other hand, the headlight performance of the bike is impeccable. Projector lights have enough light that covers the entire road and can be easily driven at night on the highway.

There are so many positive aspects as well as some negative aspects. One of the negative aspects of the bike is the height. This bike will be a bit difficult for anyone under 5 feet 5 inches.

The bike has a high pillion seat as well, which makes it difficult for short pillions or for women who choose to sit on one side. The bike seat is also relatively stiff. The availability of parts is questionable.

The service of the dealership here is not satisfactory. The unavailability of parts from China, allows the local creators to flourish. Presently parts are slightly available. The quality of the service center is not up to the mark, their engineers try their best to make it work. I am satisfied with my Haojue DR 160 bike. This bike is a great bike in this budget. Thanks.

Written By: Saidur Rahman

Published by Raihan Opu