Cox's Bazar Riding Fiesta 2019 | Event Details

Published On 11-Dec-2019 02:58pm , By Raihan Opu

Cox's Bazar Riding Fiesta 2019 was one of the biggest events focused on the bikers the country has ever seen. YRC-Yamaha Riders Club was the main host of the event with support from ACI Motors Ltd, and bikers who joined the event will remember it for quite some time. Let's take a quick recap into everything that happened in Cox's Bazar Riding Fiesta 2019. When registration opened some 750+ bikers attended the program while unofficially 550 bikes came into the event. While our team was riding on the road we noticed the enthusiastic bikers who were on the way to the program. Most of the bikers went from Dhaka & Chittagong but there were some who came from the North Bengal & even some bikers who came riding 500-600 km on a single day just to attend the event.

 cox's bazar riding fiesta 2019

Cox's Bazar Riding Fiesta 2019| Day 1

The first leg of Day 1 was happening not in Cox's Bazar, but on the highways of Bangladesh. Bikers who registered from all around the country were riding towards the longest sea beach in the world - and they were welcomed twice in the road. To ensure full support for the riders, there was a service station at Comilla where bikers can service their bikes, tune anything that is out of adjustment, and take some rest. The next service station was at Chittagong at Lohagora. Here, bikers were provided with snacks and their bikes were checked, as the next stop was Cox's bazar. Check-in at hotels in Cox's Bazar started from 3 PM, and most of the bikers arrived before dinner. The first day of the event ended with the riders checking in, having dinner and chatting with each other.

beach football

Cox's Bazar Riding Fiesta 2019| Day 2

The second day of the event - 6th December was the day the event started in full swing. The bikers had breakfast in the morning and then went to the beach for Beach volleyball and Beach Football competition. The bikers were sorted out as per their home division and they all participated in the friendly athletic activity.

yamaha riding fiesta cox's bazar

After completing the Jummah, the Cox's Bazar Riding Fiesta 2019 was officially inaugurated and an opening event took place at 03:30 PM. The inauguration program was hosted by Executive Director of ACI Motors Ltd Mr. Subrata Ranjan Das, District Police Super of Cox's Bazar & Police Super of Tourist Police.

 yamaha riding fiesta 2019

There were several activities afterward like hangout, beach Sports, fire show, dance, and cultural activities, and then there was a live concert by popular artists. There was a session in the evening when Bikers expressed their experience with their Yamaha bike, and also shared their opinion about the program and the whole arrangements. The second day of the event ended with the dinner, and the bikers resting, eagerly waiting for the next day.

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Cox's Bazar Riding Fiesta 2019 | Day 3

The day started with bikers having breakfast and taking rest, spending leisure time till 3 PM. Then the beach activities in Inani Beach started to take place. There were several game shows. For women bikers, there was a sweet eating competition and then there was a rope-pulling team game. There were several other beach games, and after the sun sets, the winning teams and bikers of the games for these two days were handed their prize.

 beach volleyball

Everyone was hosted at Hotel Seagull, and the ending ceremony of this excellent event started to take place. Followed by the dinner, there was a live concert performed by Miles, cultural activities like dance and show, and then there was a DJ show. The curtain of the program was brought down with astonishing fireworks, and everyone feeling happy.

 cox's bazar riding fiesta concert

The bikers had breakfast in the morning and checked out of the hotel the day after. Many of them came from far far away, even from the opposite side of the country, and they rode all the way back home.


Cox's Bazar Riding Fiesta 2019 was a great success, an example that Biking events solely focused on bikers like this were really successfully possible in Bangladesh. The event, along with the beauty of the largest sea beach in the world will take some time to get faded from the memory of everyone who participated in the event.

Published by Raihan Opu