Carburetor vs Fuel Injection Engine - Advantage & Disadvantages

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These days’ motorcycle engines are getting so improved in terms of power delivery and fuel efficiency. Even lower capacity motorcycle engines are also getting hi-tech technologies and features. Accordingly, the fuel feeding system also modernized with the latest technology. Therefore carburetor and fuel injected bikes are running in parallel on the road. Hence the question comes which is better and for what? Focusing this issue here is our Carburetor VS Fuel Injection Engine – Advantage & Disadvantages. Let’s learn in brief.

Carburetor Vs Fuel Injection Engine - Advantage & Disadvantages


Carburetor Feeding Engine

In the carburetor featured engine, the fuel feeding of the engine done through the carburetor. The carburetor is the mechanical part that supplies the fuel through the sucked air by the combustion chamber.

Actually, this process is done mechanically though how much and what speed of the air sucked through the throttle body by the combustion chamber suction. Basically here carburetor does not deliver the fuel of its own but lets the air suck in the fuel from different channels and let them mix before the intake manifold. And yes the carburetor controls the air-fuel mixture in a fixed ratio as its channels or jets are tuned.

Obviously, the carburetor feeding system is technically an older mechanism. But besides the modern technologies still, it has many advantages and also disadvantages. Let’s learn those.


Advantages of Carburetor Feeding Engine

  • It’s a simple and low-cost fuel feeding system both for two-stroke & four-stroke motorcycle engines.
  • Simplicity and being mechanical its maintenance and repair are possible and quite easy.
  • It can be tweaked easily according to user needs and environmental conditions.
  • Being a mechanical device it responds uniquely to every possible position & action of the throttle.
  • Frequent responses against revving and over raving are very common character and advantages of a carburetor feeding system. That’s why it very widely suitable for off-road and dirt bikes.
  • Fuel contamination issues can be overlooked in the carbureted engine though it hampers the performance.
  • Very much suitable fuel feeding system for low cost & low capacity motorcycle engines.

Disadvantages of Carburetor Feeding Engine

  • Its fuel feeding quantity is not précised as it allows feeding flow according to the suction speed & quantity of the air by the combustion chamber.
  • Fuel economy is considerably very low in the carbureted engines.
  • In a carburetor fuel feeding system, the engine cold start is a big issue.
  • Lean & rich mixture often becomes a hassle in the carbureted engines.
  • Due to inefficient combustion, the emission is significantly high in the carbureted engines.
  • In some cases, the engine gets vibrations, and the ignition spark plug fouling issue is very common.


Fuel Injected Engine

The fuel-injected engine is equipped with an electronically controlled fuel feeding system that is an electronic fuel injection system. Here fuel feeding in the combustion chamber done by electronically controlled injectors.

Here also the air sucked through the intake manifold but fuel separately sprayed or injected through the dedicated device. It sprayed just on the manifold or in some cases directly in the combustion chamber.

So the quantity of the fuel and injection timing controlled digitally through the electronic device named Electronic Control Unit or ECU. Here the ECU connected with sensors to measure engine temperature, oxygen level, air intake or throttle butterfly position, etc. Though the sensors ECU get the measures and determine the quantity of fuel to spray.

So fuel injection system is a hi-tech and complex fuel feeding system. This modern technology and device literary enhanced the modern motorcycle engine capability and efficiency. Furthermore, it has some awesome advantages and also has few disadvantages. Let’s take a look at those.

Carburetor vs Fuel Injection

Advantages of Fuel Injected Engine

  • Précised quantity of fuel injection and mixing of air & fuel ensures maximum possible fuel efficiency & power production.
  • In a fuel-injected engine combustion process is significantly much more efficient. Therefore optimum power squeezed out, the fuel economy maximized and minimized the emission level.
  • Modern performance motorcycles adopt fuel injection systems due to their precision.
  • Considering the environmental situation and riding condition this type of engine automatically balances the air-fuel mixture. Like the carburetor engine, it needs no tweaking considering the riding environment.
  • Engine vibration reduced and the spark plug fouling issue is minimized here.
  • No cold start issue in the fuel-injected engine so no need for manual choking.

Disadvantages of Fuel Injected Engine

  • A fuel injection system is a complex electronic controlled device that related and connected with few electronic sensors and a complex engine control unit.
  • Its maintenance or repair scope is very limited and not possible in the regular workshops.
  • The whole system is quite expensive. Due to limited repair or maintaining opportunity in some cases, it needs whole setup replacement.
  • In fuel-injected engine good quality and recommended quality of fuel needed. Contaminated fuel even can push the engine to halt just on the road.
  • Not suitable solution for low cost & low capacity motorcycles.
  • In most of the cases, comparatively power delivery is linear in the fuel-injected engines. So unpredictable purpose bikes like dirt bikes fuel injection are too much expensive as it needs multi mapping feature in ECU.


Carburetor vs Fuel Injection Engine

Hence after learning both the advantage and disadvantages of carburetor vs fuel injection system you can see both of them have different advancements and weaknesses. But considering everything fuel injection is the best solution for most of the kind of motorcycles. Hence it’s quite an expensive module and not repairable. But up on time the cost, price, and maintenance will surely come in a comfortable level.

Moreover, this world is moving toward lower emissions and better fuel economy concerns. An optimum level of power production with every drop of fuel is another significant issue for modern motorcycles. So again fuel injection system is the better solution for those.

Hence no disappointment with carburetor engine bikes as those is mostly entry-level & low-cost motorcycles. Easy feature, easy & low-cost maintenance is a significant issue for those motorcycles. Moreover, fuel contamination is another significant issue for those commuting machines.  Hence carburetor is a comparatively good option for those motorcycles.


Lastly, those who are freak of an unpredictable ride like off-road or dirt bike easily can rely on a carburetor engine. As above all, it can respond to your every unpredictable twist of throttle which is comparatively very tough to gain in linear fuel injected engines.

So readers that’s all about our today’s discussion on Carburetor vs Fuel Injection Engine – Advantage & Disadvantages. Hope you are quite clearer on our focus. Hence feel free to comment or share your findings and stay connected with us. Thanks for your nice company with us.

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