All About Road Riderz (RRz)

Published On 08-Nov-2012 11:22am , By Raihan Opu

All About Road Riderz (RRz)

Road Riderz (RRZ) First ever TOUR BASED group in Bangladesh ...... It was one fine evening when some friends got into a discussion regarding bikes/motor cycles , road safety , accident , teenage life , drugs & etc . Which eventually ended up to an idea & dream to form a BIKERS CLUB/GROUP .

 Then after a while all the preparation & hard work done by the founders, came the day when  officially launched Road Riders on May 1st 2012 with a vision to change the “ERA of bike riding in BD “.

]Road riderz 

Road Riders is a non-profit making organization. RRZ represent the " NEW GENERATION " ,  the " YOUTH " . RRZ only select professional & skilled riders as because motto is " SAFE RIDE LONG LIFE " . RRZ strictly follow all the rules & regulations and take proper safety precautions as required.

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Our 1st/Major Goal is to present our country Bangladesh to the world & thus we are the first ever TOUR BASED group in Bangladesh. We travel around all over the country to different historical places, tourists spots & other important places . And create a documentary about those places .

Road riderz

Our optimum vision is to travel around in all the 64 districts of Bangladesh & create a documentary/ movie about it.........

Road riderz 

Our 2nd/Another Goal is to represent BIKE STUNTING as a sports to the new generation of BANGLADESH , which also represents our entertainment section of our organization .

Road riderz 


Bike stunting already became a well known sports in the other parts of the world but in BD it’s still not that much talked about . Thus we RRz are trying to make youngsters inspired & make BIKE STUNTING a national sports in BD.


Road riderz 

As Road riderz are a non-profit making organization & most of our members are teenagers , we struggle in raising funds and thus for which it puts a negative impact on our social service activities but we still try our best to give something to the community within our capabilities .

 By Hasan Setu

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