Air Filter Maintenance & Oil Filter Replacement In Yamaha FZ-S & Fazer FI

Published On 01-Jan-1970 06:00am , By Saleh

Air Filter Maintenance & Oil Filter Replacement

Yamaha Motorcycle is the one of the leading motorcycle brand in Bangladesh. The Yamaha FZ-S series has huge crowd on our roads since the year 2010. The first version of Yamaha FZ-S series literary ruled hard the market and the new FI series also doing nice. Considering new FI version after the launch we are facing very frequent queries on air filter and oil filter maintenance of new Yamaha FZ-S & Fazer FI. Sequentially here is our Air Filter Maintenance & Oil Filter Replacement In Yamaha FZ-S & Fazer FI. Let’s learn in brief.


You know in Bangladesh we permitted to use very low capacity of motorcycle up to the capacity of 165cc. Actually this is the learner segment of motorcycle considering international scenario of motorcycling. Whatsoever many of the motorcycles within this capacity have easy replaceable air filter & oil filter element. But some of the motorcycle engine oil filter element is not easy removable and sometime needs to open the engine crankcase.

In Yamaha FZ-S & Fazer series the positions of air filter and oil filter elements designed quite wisely to get it maintained or replaced easily. So anyone who habituated using basic tools can maintain or replace those filters with minimum efforts. Hence here again we should mention that opening the air-filter and oil-filter housing is quite easy job in new FZ-S & Fazer-FI. Therefore let’s start with air filter assembly.

Air Filter Maintenance

Air Filter Maintenance In Yamaha FZ-S & Fazer FI

In Yamaha FZ-S or Fazer FI the air filter is paper type like the previous version. Here the folded paper filter molded inside the plastic frame and that is the air filter. It set inside the air box that fixed under the rider seat but opens at left side panel. Commonly in most of the motorcycle the air box situated whether under the seat or under the fuel tank. But under seat position of air box is good for easy maintenance.

So for cleaning the air filter element you have to remove both the seats first. The air filter of new FZ-S and Fazer mounted under seat but it is different in size & dimension. Its intake hole is under the rider seat but it opens at left side panel we have mentioned earlier.

Therefore get removed the left side panels for unscrewing the air filter housing cover. Then unscrew the housing cover and pull the air filter element out. Clean the air filter with high pressure of compressed air. Here never use any liquid or solid particle like brush for cleaning that paper filter.

After cleaning the dust or dirt from the filter just fix it again with right direction. Yamaha recommends the cleaning of air filter in 3000km of interval and replacement after each 12000km. But considering rider’s riding habit and local environment situation the interval may shorter for better performance. And it’s really good getting the air filter neat & clean just before a long ride and after a long ride. It increases fuel economy also gives optimum engine performance.


Oil Filter Replacement In Yamaha FZ-S & Fazer

The engine oil filter element in Yamaha FZ-S or Fazer is external type just as previous version. It also mounted on same place like the previous version. Hence its maintenance or replacement is very easy.

But if you don’t know the oil filter location you can locate the oil filter housing from owners manual or from the above picture. Hence before opening the oil filter housing get right measure of socket wrench, recommended amount and grade of engine oil, oil drain pan etc.

Here you have to remember that Yamaha doesn’t recommends oil filter cleaning for this model of bike. They recommends for the replacement after 3000km or earlier after the initial replacement of 1000km at the end of break-in. Whatsoever to replace the oil filter element you also have to drain the engine oil from the engine sump as regular periodic draining.

So get ready with write measure of socket wrench. Then put the oil drain pan under the engine and open the oil drain nut. Get loose the engine oil filler cap from oil filling hole for fast draining. After draining the oil unscrew the oil filter housing nuts and remove the filter housing cover. Then carefully remove the rubber gasket and oil filter element.


Soak The Oil Filter Wet With Oil Before Replacement

Before setting a new oil filter get it wet soaking some fresh engine oil. It needed to get the filter workable instantly just after replacing the new one. So get a clean cap with some fresh engine oil. Put the oil filter inside the oil and get it soaked properly.

After getting the filter wet with oil properly set it inside the housing in right direction. Fix the housing cover with gasket again. Now fix the engine drain nut and refill the engine oil in the crankcase as regular with right grade and volume of oil.

So now you have replaced the oil filter and also drained & refilled with new engine oil, that’s it. One more thing you have to keep in mind the engine oil refilling volume is more than regular volume while replacing the oil filter element. So get the right volume of oil from owners manual.


So readers that was all about Air Filter Maintenance & Oil Filter Replacement In Yamaha FZ-S & Fazer FI. Hope you are now very clear about that simple maintenance and replacement issue. It’s a very simple job as you can do it in your home.

But you are not enough confident then avoid doing this at home and take service center support. Hence learning about own motorcycle is always pleasant so we hope you have enjoyed the session on Air Filter Maintenance & Oil Filter Replacement In Yamaha FZ-S & Fazer FI. Whatsoever feel free to ask or comment on relates issues. Therefore thank you all for staying with us.

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