ACI Motors Might Increase The Price of Yamaha Motorcycles In Bangladesh

Published On 20-Apr-2018 12:29pm , By Ashik Mahmud

ACI Motors Ltd who is the sole distributor of Yamaha Bikes in Bangladesh might increase the price of their motorcycles in Bangladesh. This could be a shocking news for the Bangladesh bike lovers IF ACI Motors Ltd increases the price of Yamaha Motorcycles in Bangladesh

ACI Motors Might Increase The Price Of Yamaha Motorcycles In Bangladesh

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Yamaha already have a high price tag in Bangladesh. If we compare the base Yamaha FZS V2 Fi currently in Bangladesh is 249,000 BDT where it’s competitor Gixxer (single disc singe color) has a MRP of around 210,000 BDT & Honda CB Hornet 160R ( single disc) 200,000 BDT.

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Increase Of The Price of Yamaha Motorcycles - Reasons

The reason for this high price of Yamaha bikes is because they import the bikes in CBU (Complete Built Unit), here the import tax of motorcycles is 151% whereas companies like Suzuki & Honda bring bikes in CKD (Complete Knock Down) under Progressive Manufacturing where the tax is around 90-95%. In CKD form, the company brings all the spare parts and bolts them together in Bangladesh. So the 2nd phase of the questions why will ACI Motors increase the price of Yamaha motorcycles in Bangladesh

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ACI Motors Ltd started their business in Bangladesh at mid 2016, back then the dollar exchange rate in Bangladesh was under 78 BDT while now these days that figure went up by 84-85 BDT. So price of dollar against Bangladeshi Taka went high hence ACI Motors Ltd might be thinking that by paying higher tax it will be difficult for them to operate the operating costing so they might end up increasing the price of their motorcycle models. 

price of yamaha motorcycles in bangladesh 

So now the 3rd question is by how much will they increase the price of  Yamaha motorcycles?  We are not sure by how much they will increase the price neither we are sure if they do increase from when they will increase currently this is just a rumor that they MIGHT. Keep an eye on BikeBD for any update on this rumor - and also on any news about or from any motorcycle company or topics related to motorcycles.

Published by Ashik Mahmud