10 Key Point Consideration While Buying a motorcycle in Bangladesh

Published On 01-Jan-1970 06:00am , By Raihan Opu

Considering the passion, environment, population, traffic jam, road condition & low maintenance cost, every young men of the country dream to buy a motorcycle in Bangladesh. In recent years, traffic jam & high price of the car is the major reason to craziness about bike.Bike is a passion for a young man & for someone it’s a asset. for passion or the needs majority bike owners own there bike 1 to 10 years or more. So before buy a bike proper planning can deliver you the right bike & can give you the feeling of dream come true.

10 Key Point Consideration While Buying A Motorcycle In Bangladesh

For buy a motorcycle you can follow this usefull points.

Budget preparation:

Don’t dream about a bike which you can't afford. Make a budget. In my opinion, always keep it with 5000 BDT extra. Suppose your planning to buy a bike at 2,00,000 BDT.  Make it 2,05,000 BDT because after buy a bike at 2,00,000 BDT you would like to buy Theft Alarm System, lock, Cosmetic care items, cover, rain cloth, Helmet etc.

motorcycle in bangladesh

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Make a shortlist of available bike:

Make a shortlist of motorcycle within your budget which is available in Bangladesh. If the list is going to be long then short it by your choice. Don’t choose a bike for its cosmetics look.

motorcycle in bangladesh

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Look around, one of your friends, relatives, neighbor  can be a bike owner. A bike owner always give you the right practical knowledge about bike. Ask them about your desired bike. If any owner own a bike which you shortlisted before then go to the owner & freely discuss with him about riding experience, spare parts price, servicing point etc.

Take a test drive of the selected bike:

If you want to take a test drive of  a motorcycle in Bangladesh then you can't get the chance from showroom.  In Bangladesh the test drive option from showroom is not available.  Go to friends & relatives if anyone own your desired bike. Request them to give a chance of test drive. A test drive give you the right feelings about biking  Its also help to make a shortlist of desired bike. Remember one thing, a riding experience can change your decision.

motorcycle in bangladesh

This question answer depend on the purpose of bike usage & bike owner age . First of all, if you are a passionate biker then you will not think about mileage.  If you are a middle age & you’r purpose of bike is only office up down or hanging around city then mileage can be a big factor to you. Basically 50cc-135cc bike is popular for there mileage & maximum aged, office going users use this bike. If you going to plan buy a bike 150cc+ then you should not think about mileage.

Choose the best seller Motorcycle:

Think yourself if you a owner of motorcycle company & you are in good profit because of higher sale of your product(motorcycle). For the higher sale you have high profit then you have enough money to develop the quality & innovate new technology for Motorcycle. So moral of this para is, go with the best salers bike, maximum bike users who get the satisfaction from there bike can’t be full. In 2011, Bajaj pulsar 150 cc was the best selling motorcycle in Bangladesh.

Available service station:

Choose the bike which have a service station near you. A bike can be good now but you can't tell when it will give you trouble. Suppose you live in Dinajpur district but your used motorcycle company service station in Gajipur town around 300 km far away then its call a pure hazard situation.

Available spare parts:

One of my friend own a Honda CB 650 motorcycle. After loosing a general engine parts, the Honda CB 650 turned a scrap from a legendarily bike. There are no available spare parts of this bike in Bangladesh. So be careful  choose a bike which have available spare parts shop & should consider the parts price also.

Bike along with body:

Think you are a 6” feet high & you riding a small bike like Honda 50cc. that’s look like elephant riding on a mice. So try to recognize the bike which is go along with your height. A perfect bike along with your height will give you a nice look while riding.

motorcycle in bangladesh 

Go with your choice:

Always listen what your “Dil” say… ha ha ha , yes that’s true. Don’t buy a bike because of only consider the budget. Perhaps I will suggest wait sometime more & save money for your desired bike. If you buy a bike only for budget not considering your choice then it would not deliver you the right satisfaction according to your desire. You will of course after few day sale the bike & will go for the desire bike. In the mean time you will loose a big amount of money. So be with your choice.
This are the maximum key points to consideration while buying a motorcycle in Bangladesh, which can help you to get the dream bike. In above them I give the most emphasize on “Go with your choice”….be safe & ride with cool Brain……
So, what you think about this tips? Please write down below if you have some new idea..

Published by Raihan Opu