Yamaha FZ FI V3 14,000 KM User Review - Symon Shezan

Published On 09-Jul-2020 09:40am , By Raihan Opu

Yamaha FZ FI V3 14,000 KM User Review

Hi! I’m  Symon Shezan. I live in Dhaka Banasree. The bike I ride now is Yamaha FZ Fi V3 the first bike of my life. I used to bike as a hobby at a young age, but my family did not like bikes. I finished my HSC exam in 2018. After requesting my mother a lot, she bought my favorite bike from Mirpur 60 Feet Crescent Enterprise.

yamaha fz fi v3 orange colour sticker modify

I like 2 wheels since childhood. I learned to ride a bike when I was in class seven. I think biking is in my blood, I don't like any vehicles without it. When new bikes come to the country, I don't feel good till I test ride them. I have seen many reviews of the BikeBD YouTube Channel. I like the Yamaha Fz fi v3 bike considering the mileage, control, design everything. When I bought the bike, the price was 2 lakh 90 thousand Tk. And now the current price is 2 lakh 35 thousand Tk.

Yamaha FZ FI V3 Price In Bangladesh

yamaha fz fi v3 user review

I didn't sleep the night before I bought the bike, when will I go to the showroom. My mother and younger sister come to Dhaka to buy me the bike, and I have some older brothers who know a lot about bikes. After buying the bike, I first had a test ride on it with my mother.` As soon as I got on the bike, my chest was throbbing with excitement. I thought to give a test ride, this time I sat on my bike. Alhamdulillah Allah fulfilled the hopes of the mind.  I bought my bike to get rid of the traffic jam in busy Dhaka, to tour all over Bangladesh, to be a good rider. The Yamaha Fz fi v3 bike has an FI engine. With the smoothness of the bike, mileage, ABS increases more confidence during the braking ride. Every day I think about how to keep the bike safe while riding the bike.

Yamaha Bike Price In Bangladesh

The bike has 5 free services in 1 year, from Yamaha dealer point Crescent Enterprise. The quality of service is good enough. I'm getting mileage at 38-42 City and Highway.

yamaha fz fi v3 with studds helmet

Every week I wash my bike. And chain lube, nut tight, air filter clean from the garage next to the house. I always want to keep my bike 100% accurate. I use the Yamalube Engine oil. Price 500 Tk. Bought from Yamaha dealer point. I use mineral engine oil. In these 14,000 kilometers, nothing had to change except brake shoes. I modify the sticker on the bike. This makes the bike look more beautiful. I got 126 top speed on the 300 feet highway in the new condition on the bike. My weigh 55kg.

Some good aspects of the bike-

  • ABS breaking
  • Looking
  • Control
  • Mileage
  • Dual disc brakes
  • Thick tires

yamaha fz fi v3 user beside a green field

Some bad aspects of the bike-

  • On long rides, the sound of the engine changes.
  • Confidence in highway rides is low due to a lack of ready pickup.
  • There should have been an oil cooling system

My home is B. Baria. I come and go from Dhaka twice a month. To date, there have been no accidents or problems with bikes. Go with caution and caution. I have adapted everything to the bike, but it would have been better if it had a ready pickup and oil cool engine. Thanks.

Written By - Symon Shezan  

Published by Raihan Opu