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Published On 22-Feb-2021 09:00pm , By Ashik Mahmud

I, Hasan Mahmud, live in Khulna. I ride a TVS Metro. I have been riding this bike for about 13,000 kilometers. Today I will tell you about my experiences with the TVS Metro over 13,000 kilometers.

tvs metro 100 black green

When I was a child, my father used to ride a Yamaha RX100. I used to sit on the tank, that's how I went from Khulna to my grandfather's house in Madaripur. Growing up, I learned to ride on this bike.

My big brother bought a TVS Apache RTR when I was just admitted to medical college. I rode the bike for quite some time. My uncle used to ride a Black-Green TVS Metro, which I liked a lot.

I felt the need for a bike of my own. This allows me to have a transportation system at my disposal. I had some money saved, while the rest was managed by my family.

tvs metro 100 engine side

On the 1st of September (the day before Eid-Ul-Adha), my family and I went out to buy a bike. I opted for the TVS Metro, as it was within my budget. I took the TVS Metro Black-Green version. Now let us move on to the -  specifications of the bike.

Engine and suspension:

The 100cc engine is quite powerful. I was able to ride up steep roads of Sylhet quite easily. However, at higher RPM the bike vibrates quite annoyingly.

Color and Build Quality:

The color and build quality of the bike is quite good. I haven’t had any issues with the color or the decals of the bike over the last three years.

And I had an accident with a bike once. There were some scratches on the front, the brake pedal was slightly bent. Other than that, everything was fine and nothing was damaged.

Tires and brakes:

The tires of the bike are not great, the grip is quite weak. The bike skids if braked too hard.

tvs metro 100 meter


The headlight is okay, but it isn’t very powerful as it is AC operated. The pass doesn’t work when the low beam is on. There is also no parking light, which was required.

Mileage and comfort:

The mileage of the bike is 55 kilometers per liter in the city and 65-70 kilometers per liter on the highway. The riding comfort is quite good, the seat is soft and comfortable.

Parts changed:

Changed the rear brakes at 8,000 kilometers and the front brake at 10,000 kilometers. Although the brake calipers were changed, the brakes became harder as the bike was 2 years old, so I changed them. I have changed spark plugs after 10,000 kilometers. I bought the parts unofficially and they didn’t cost much.

Engine Oil: I used Havoline first, then Motul 10w30.

tvs metro 100


I have made some modifications to the bike such as:

  • Extra horn
  • Engine kill switch
  • Parking lights
  • Tubeless Tires
  • Fog lights


My longest tour was 1000 kilometers long. The tour was Khulna-Sylhet-Khulna. I was able to give the tour without any problem with the bike. Besides, I have visited many places including Narayanganj, Chandpur, Shariatpur, Madaripur, Jessore, Satkhira. The bike didn’t disappoint me even though it was merely 100cc. However, it is better to have higher-capacity bikes during long rides.

Some good aspects of the bike:

  • Looks
  • Design
  • Good mileage
  • Bright headlights
  • Riding comfort

user review tvs metro 100

Some bad aspects of the bike: 

  • High vibration.
  • Low grip.
  • AC operated headlights

In my opinion, this bike is for the people who require a bike with high mileage at a lower cost. I like the bike very much.

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Written By: Hasan Mahmud

Published by Ashik Mahmud