Which Segment Motorcycle Is Best for Dhaka City & WHY

Published On 07-Apr-2020 02:44pm , By Raihan Opu

Dhaka city has a population of around 30 million. It is very congested and due to development work going around in the city most of the roads these days stay congested with traffic, buying a motorbike is a need in this city if you want to move from one place to another fast on weekdays, the question is which segment motorcycle is best for Dhaka city ???

Definitely it has to be a commuting motorcycle, but we have commuting motorcycle ranging from 80 cc to up to 150cc. Also, we have some very good sports commuters in Bangladesh. To me personally, the BEST SEGMENT of motorcycle which one should buy for Dhaka city is a 110-125cc commuting motorcycle In this article, we will discuss why 110-125 cc motorcycles are best for Dhaka city rather than anything between 80-100 cc or 150-165 cc.

Advantages over 80-100 cc segment

  • Tubeless tyres which are very helpful
  • Front disc brake for improved safety
  • Better suspensions
  • These days many executive commuters come with styling inspired from 150 - 160 cc segment.
  • Better headlight.
  • Fatter tyres which help in controlling & braking.
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Advantages over 150-165 cc segment 

  • It will give you better mileage than the big brothers
  • Suspensions setup will be better as most sports commuters now in Bangladesh comes with mono-shock suspension, now that is good but not as good as the hydraulic shock absorber suspensions of a 110-125 cc bike, something which you will feel on bad roads carrying a pillion.
  • Easy to maneuver in Dhaka city traffic due to low height & good turn radius.
  • As parking space is minimum in many high rise buildings so many times we have to park the bike on the street, here compared to a sports bike (Honda CBR, Yamaha R15 V3) commuting bikes are easy to park.
  • Easy to service, as almost all of them are carburetor bikes.

Now let's talk about some of the disadvantages 110-125 cc bikes
  • Price-wise they will be higher compare to 100 cc bikes because of the added features.
  • You can ride these bikes on the highway but you won’t be getting the comfort level which you can get from a 150-165 cc bike.
  • Also in terms of speed, it won't be as good as it's elder brothers.
  • Many sports commuter has duel disc brake & fatter tyres for better safety but again you have to pay a high price.
  • Comparing to 150-165 cc bikes the controlling of this segment motorcycle won’t be sublime.
Now I agree that some of you will argue with the fact that I am wrong but the reasoning I gave here is after testing over 50 motorcycles for BikeBD & then coming to this conclusion.

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Published by Raihan Opu