Uttara Motors Reduce The Bajaj Motorcycle Price In Bangladesh

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Uttara Motors who are the sole distributor of Bajaj Motorcycles from India has recently announced that they will give a discount on Bajaj Motorcycle Price In Bangladesh for the month of Baoishak (Source). They have cut down the price of bikes from 4000-7000 TK depending on the model.

Uttara Motors Reduce The Bajaj Motorcycle Price In Bangladesh

bajaj motorcycle reduce the price

This offer will last for a certain period & if you are interested then contact your local Bajaj Dealer/Showroom for further information. Below is the new price listing of the bikes only & the price of the bike’s documents & insurance aren’t included.

Uttara motors being dealing with Bajaj bikes in Bangladesh since 2003 & Pulsar is one model that has gone through more evolution in Bangladesh than any other bike of its class. Bajaj released the UG 4.5 versions of the Pulsar 150.

The upgrades for the Pulsar 150 included a clip-on handlebar like those in Bajaj Pulsar 135LS. Power also increased from 14.09 HP to 15.06 HP along with 12.76 NM of Torque. It also has a good fuel economy of its class & some say it can top around the 120 kmph mark.

Earlier Price – 205,500

New Price – 199,900 (See The Current Market Price)

Bajaj Discover is another popular model of the Bajaj brand. The first variant of Discover was launched in 2004, since then this model has been one of the most fuel-efficient bikes of its class.

It has become popular to the people of BD for its beautiful look & easy handling alone with a low running cost. Currently, there are 4 variants of Discover in Bangladesh. Namely Discover 100 DTSI, Discover 125, Discover 125 ST & Discover 150.

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Technical specifications


Discover DTS-Si 


Discover 150 DTS-i 


Discover 125 DTS-i 


Discover 125ST 


Displacement (cc)94.38144.8124.5124.6
Power (bhp)7.712.81112.8
Engine TypeDTS-SiDTS-iDTS-iDTS-i
Wheelbase (mm)1305130513051305
Kerb Weight (kg)115121121121

Model of Discover                                          Earlier Price                                      New Price

Discover  100 DTSi                                          143,500 BDT                                     139,900 BDT

Discover  125 DTSi                                           164,000 BDT                                     158,000 BDT

Discover 125 ST                                                183,500 BDt                                      179,900 BDT

Last comes the 100 cc segment where Uttara motors brings Bajaj CT 100, a simple 100 cc bike which is very popular in rural area due to its toughness price of this bike is being reduced from 119,500 to 116000 BDT & then we have Platina a 100 cc bike a bike which is capable of topping 90 kmph & turns around 60 kmpl in Dhaka city. Price of this bike being reduced from 125,500 BDT to 116,000 BDT!

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We would ask all our followers to contact your local Bajaj motorcycles dealer ‘showroom for further assistant about the Bajaj Motorcycle Price In Bangladesh & offer.

-By Wasif Anowar

BikeBD Note: This offer ends in 2013.

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