UM Xtreet R 150 Test Ride Review By Team BikeBD

Published On 17-Oct-2020 09:49am , By Raihan Opu

The American brand UM has been in Bangladesh for almost 6 years, Runner took over the control of UM Motorcycles back in 2016 & launched 5 new models in the market. Today we will Review their only naked sports bike in the 150 cc segment in the UM Xtreet R 150 Test Ride Review by BikeBD.

UM Xtreet R 150 Test Ride Review

um xtreet r 150

UM Xtreet R 150 is different in styling than many bikes in this segment. The bike is a naked sports bike but I think they kept a concept of an off-road motorcycle on this bike.  The bike has lots of features in the 160,000 BDT retail price.

It gets a halogen headlight added with that LED parking light on the front fender & LED projection LED parking underneath the headlight. The bike has a 360 degree LED illumination light with 37 LED lights.

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If you keep the parking light of the bike ON then all those illuminates which even are incorporated on the side fuel tank of the bike. There is a spread out rod handle with conventional switch gears which aren’t the best of quality, what this bike has which still none in this segment has is the built-in BLIND SPOT mirror.

um xtreet price in bd

I know many bikers love this blind spot mirror but am never a fan of it, I find it pointless. The speedometer has a small REV Counter followed by a digital speedometer which shows SPEED, GEAR CHANGE indicators, Fuel Gauge (which many times doesn’t indicate properly).

You can also have two color options to choose from for the speedometer background light. There is also a shift indicator to let you know when to change your gear.

 um xtreet top speed

I found lots of buttons many of which should change or show average speed or mode. The LED taillights are well designed and when you turn on the indicators those taillights also blink to warn the biker/driver behind your bike.

The rear tyre fender helps to not to spread the mud /water to the biker who will be following you. The overall design of the bike is sleek; they tried not to add any bits or pieces to make this bike bigger.

 um xtreet r 150 price in bangladesh

The rider seat & pillion are too small in width, it is more like an off-roading bike then a daily commuting bike. The seat isn’t the most comfortable for long distance ride.

So is the handlebar, it doesn’t give the comfort too for a long-distance ride. It is a very aggressive bike to ride on due to the handlebar setup, your hands are spreading all the time hence you can attack the gap in the city traffic much more aggressively. UM needs to work on it as if the front suspensions. The rear suspensions are gas-filled shock absorbers that work well on bad roads of Bangladesh.

The front suspensions are stiff, which aren’t so good for bad roads added to that ball racer issue it does create an uncomfortable ride on the bad roads of Bangladesh.

Both the front & rear petal disc brakes have good efficiency but if you press the rear brake of the bike hard then it might lock up. In fact you have to very careful at hard braking at high speed; the rear of the bike is a bit loose so it might tend to slide around. The front disc is situated on the left-hand side of the bike which give just give a natural nudge but it doesn’t hamper the braking of the bike at all.

 um xtreet r 150 review

The pillion seat is comfortable for city riding of 20-30 km commute but for the highway, the pillion won’t have a comfortable ride due to the width of the seat. Talking about the ride, the 150cc air cooling single-cylinder engine pumps out 11 BHP @ 7500 RPM & 10 NM of Torque! Performance from the engine isn’t impressive; in fact this could be the least powerful 150cc bike in Bangladesh!  It has diamond chassis with a 5-speed gearbox.

I have to admit that the engine noise is very sporty, probably one of the key feature of this bike why I liked about. The more you rev more alive it becomes. The headlight of the bike is good sufficient for riding in Dhaka city & also on the highway but some bikers might want to attach extra LED lights for long distance travel.

 um xtreet specification

You can’t argue that the bike has very less power against the engine size but the bike is light, it is 127 kg. This lightweight makes the bike nimble to ride which helps it to deliver a top speed of only 112 kmph & a mileage of 35-38 kmpl in Dhaka city while on the highway it was 42 kmpl.

This bike has thin tyres, 120 section rear tyre. The wheels of the bike are alloy wheels while the tyres of the bike are tubeless. When it comes to build quality of the bike UM really played it part, the overall build quality of the bike is satisfactory, color quality to me is standout.

 um xtreet test ride review

UM Xtreet R 150 - Riding Experience  This isn’t a soft bike, front suspensions are when you hit a moderate pothole you will hear a knocking sound from the front suspensions. Rear suspensions get softer after a 1000 km ride and you will get good feedback from them.

The engine note is very sporty, you can rev it up to 10,000 RPM and the more you twist the throttle and more you love the sound from the exhaust. You will feel the vibration from the engine once you pass 7,000 RPM which you can feel on the footpeg, handle bar & on the rider seat.

The bike lacks ready pickup and the acceleration is very linear, the gear change is very soft right from the start.

 um xtreet r 150 price in bangladesh

Handling wise the bike isn’t the sharpest knife in the box. You can’t do high-speed cornering with the bike but the bike is good for medium & slow speed corners. This is due to the saddle height of the bike, widespread handlebar & 120 section rear tyre.

Braking wise, you will get good feedback from the front & rear of the bike but once you are at speed over 80 kmph during emergency breaking you will tend to lock up the rear tyre, so you need to be careful & always maintain the lowest amount of tyre pressure as possible.

Once the speed of the bike crosses speed over 80 kmph then the front of the bike becomes light and it will shake even without side turbulence. This happens due to the lightweight of the bike.

 um xtreet 150

UM Xtreet R 150 - PROS:

  • Good looking due to the 36 LED lights
  • Good engine note
  • Good rear suspensions
  • Good build quality
  • Due to lightweight easy to maneuver in Dhaka city

um xtreet price 2020

UM Xtreet R 150 - CONS:

  • Low engine power compared to a 150 cc engine
  • Uncomfortable for a long-distance ride
  • Not a comfortable seat.
  • Not sharp in breaking.
  • Needed a wider tyre up front.

um xtreet r 150

UM Xtreet R 150 are for those people who want to spend their money for a unique looking motorcycle, it will only be cherished by people who want something different.

Published by Raihan Opu