Types of Motorcycle Headlights

Published On 23-Jan-2019 09:21am , By Ashik Mahmud

Headlights are one of the most important & essential safety features of a street-legal motorcycle. As well as illuminating the road and traffic conditions ahead, it makes the self visibility on the road. Hence being a vital safety feature nowadays it is also being used in the day time. Accordingly today we are representing the types of the Motorcycle Headlights.

Types Of Motorcycle Headlights

 types of headlights

Types of Motorcycle Headlights

Modern motorcycles are now far more developed in features and technology. Therefore new machines are taking place replacing the olds. Furthermore, technology also updating and changing frequently. Hence motorcycle headlights are also updated with different types. In a narrower line, we can see there are three types of motorcycle headlights in common.

Reflector Type Headlight With Bulbs


Types of Motorcycle headlights 

The reflector-type headlamps are a very simple type of headlights that existed from the early age of the motorcycles. Here nothing is so complex but a tungsten filament bulb fixed inside the housing with reflective material surrounding. The core technology behind this system is to reflect and focus as much light as possible in the forward direction. In the modern reflective type, headlamps are very much efficient in producing directional flow lights, and its also cost-effective.

Projector Type Headlamp


projector headlight 

The projector-type headlamps are hi-tech and modern headlamps. These types of headlamps especially come in a compact housing and no large supporting reflector needed.  For extending illumination power and keeping in focus it comes with a magnifying lens in front. So in construction it's compact and very much directional in characteristics. Hence this is the modern motorcycle headlamp solution and it's quite expensive.

Multi-Directional LED Headlights


projector headlight

The LED headlights are also modern addition in motorcycle headlamps. These are also too much compact in construction and effective solution with premium features. LED lights are low power consuming and comes with longer service life. But it produces head, therefore, heat sinking device attached and it's not repairable. Therefore it needs replacement after the service life. But overall its a good solution in for motorcycle headlamps.

Types of Motorcycle Headlights Bulb

Commonly standard motorcycles come with bulb-fitted multi-reflective type headlights. It's still standard and common in most of the standard motorcycle. So here are sorted out three common types of bulbs used in conventional multi-reflective headlights.

Tungsten Filament Bulb


tungsten filament 

Tungsten Filament bulb is the most common type of bulb used in standard headlights. It's quite exactly like a regular bulb that is used at home and produces light according to its wattage. But motorcycle bulbs are DC operated. It consumes quite a lot of power than the other type of modern lights and illumination is near to the standard. But this type of bulbs is still used in common as its cost effective and too much easy to replace therefore maintenances. Moreover, modern Halogen-type bulbs are a new addition for better illumination and low power consumption.


Projector-Based Bulbs/ Xenon Bulbs

Xenon bulbs 

These Xenon bulbs are used in projector type setups mostly since they are made with the directional feature as well. This type of bulbs are pretty bright and give out a good stream of light. In the bi-Xenon setup, it can focus into two different but it does not exactly contain two bulbs. Rather there is a solenoid in the Bi-Xenon setup which cuts off the light and redirects it in other direction. Resulting a single bulb works both for low and high beam. Whatever it's a hi-tech setup and costly than the common.

HID (High-Intensity Discharge) Lights

HID lights

The HID type lights are specialized type gas-filled bulbs that strike an electrical arc inside the tungsten rods. Hence within a certain time a translucent fused quartz or alumina salt that used and emits light or high intensity. The salt becomes plasma and that increases the light intensity within a small time thus it performs better than conventional type bulbs. But the demerits of HID lights that come out of HIDs are so bright, that need to be controlled. Secondly, it's heat-producing and much power-consuming.

So, readers, that's quite all about our today's discussion on Types of Motorcycle Headlights. Hope we could make you clear about the types of motorcycle headlights. So Ride safely and don't forget to wear a helmet.  Hence keep your eyes on our website for more updated information and don't forget to subscribe to our YOUTUBE channel. Thank you all.

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