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TVS XL 100 Review,Technical Features,Price,Specification

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You may define it as a tiny and small-sized two-wheeler. But worldwide this is called moped. Once there was a time near the end of 20th century, mopeds were very popular in our country.

But at the beginning of this century somehow it screened out of our . Whatever were the reasons it could be confer in separate discussion, but here we are to focus on newly launched moped TVS XL 100. Let’s see in detail with our TVS XL 100 Review (Source).

TVS XL 100 Moped

Conceptually moped is like a simple motorized two-wheeler which also can be ridden with pedals like . In present modern mopeds come with only lower capacity motors rather than the old features with pedals. Mopeds are basically designed for daily short-distance commuting.

But new mopeds are powered by small but efficient and quite powerful engines. So it can be used for simple transportation of small goods both in busy traffic and in some rural areas. Moreover it also ensures optimum level of fuel efficiency. Therefore modern mopeds are also nice for home delivery service, courier service, students, very frequent daily commuters and even carrying some heavy goods of small traders or farmers.

TVS XL 100 Review,Technical Features,Specification

tvs xl 100 review

Intro of TVS XL 100

You know, in Bangladesh public transportation is very infrequent. Most of the situation it like a hassle and huge time-consuming. For those reason personal transportation is very important issue here. Moreover, low cost transportation is most important thing in both city and rural. So scooters and mopeds can help better to deal with this issue.

May have for this reason, TVS Auto Bangladesh has very recently launched the heavy duty moped in our market and that is TVS XL 100. So not extending the briefing more on mopeds lets head in the detail of this specific model of moped.

TVS XL 100 Moped

The TVS XL 100 has launched in Bangladesh just on last 16th February inline with other five products from TVS Auto Bangladesh. This moped has launched targeting those customers who need some low capacity and extreme fuel-efficient commuter for commercial use as well as daily purposes. TVS Auto Bangladesh confirmed as the moped is capable to carry notable amount of load and ensure attractive fuel efficiency. We think these are the core features of this moped.

Get-up of TVS XL 100

TVS XL 100 is a very slim and straight designed moped. You will not find any extra enlargement of body part or styling here but all the basic features are available. The design is completely focused to its core utility. But the design is simply decent.

All the body parts are just attached on the heavy frame like a regular . Only the fuel area is evacuated till the surface of the engine to carry some small goods. The small fuel is attached just hanging on the neck or just back of the yoke. So, one thing is very clear as you can’t complain anyway as nothing is absent there.

TVS XL 100 Moped Space

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The other parts of the moped like wheel, rim, tire, wheel fender, chain cover, seat, lamp, signals etc designed with regular & classic shape. You will find here conventional round shape headlamp attached with regular indicators. The backlight is also regular type.

The ODO meter is analog and the handlebar is pipe handle in upright position. Handlebar is also equipped with necessary control switches and levers. The only thing the exhaust pipe is like hired from modern bikes but it nicely matches with decency of overall classic look.

TVS XL 100 Moped Features

The TVS XL 100 came with chrome coated spoke rim with conventional tube tires. Both brakes are drum type.  The wheel mudguards are very slick and conventional shaped. All the body parts are made of metal for ensuring durability even at rough using conditions.

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The drive chain is also covered by two-part metal chain box. The sitting arrangement for both rider and pillion is very comfortable and positioned at upright mode. The pillion foot pages are also wider which is comfortable for the female pillions.

TVS XL 100 Moped Engine

Force of TVS XL 100

TVS XL 100 comes with a four-stroke single-cylinder air-cooled engine with the displacement of 99.7cc. The fuel-efficient horizontal engine can produce 4.2PS of power and 6.3NM of maximum torque. The drive is auto with single gear and centrifugal clutch system. So there is no hassle for changing gear and operating clutches while riding this moped. The company also claims as this engine can easily move the moped with the maximum load even on hilly roads and flyovers.

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TVS XL 100 Moped Carier

Core Features of TVS XL 100

You know the mopeds are designed and manufactured especially concentrating on some core features. Daily commuting, fuel efficiency, durability and hassle-free operation these are the reason behind using mopeds. Therefore TVS XL 100 is not out of these features. So let’s get some detail which featured with this moped.

  • The TVS XL 100 is the moped concentrated on some carrying features we have mentioned earlier. The company claimed as this moped can carry a maximum load of 280 KGs. The regular fuel area is evacuated as we mentioned before as you can see at the picture. The evacuated space furnished with rugged metal plate, which can be used for carrying goods like a bundle of newspapers or a gunny bag.
  • Moreover, the moped comes with split pillion seat where the pillion seat is removable. The pillion seat basically fitted on a carrier plate. Removing the seat instantly you can fit a carrying basket which is perfect for the businessmen who are involved in-home delivery or other type of delivery services. So you can easily understand as this mopeds core concentration is on carrying goods. For this reason this moped comes with heavy duty suspension on both front and rear wheel. Here the front suspensions are telescopic type and heady duty coil spring shocks are at rear.
  • Fuel efficiency also is the core feature of TVS XL 100. Its auto derived 100cc engine ensures maximum fuel efficiency of 67kmpl as the company assured. If the figure remains constant under standard condition in its service life, it would be another good feature of the moped.
  • The moped is also constructed with quite heavy metal frame. Metal plates all over the external parts like fuel , wheel fender, chain cover etc. So all the parts are strong enough to be used worry free in any terrain of city or rural area.

TVS XL 100 Moped Ride

So guys, this was the overall picture of the newly launched moped TVS XL 100. Here we tried to sketch out as much as possible corner of the moped to give you a clearer image.

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About the price, TVS Bangladesh recently reduced the price of this moped. .Current price of TVS XL 100 is 64,900 BDT.

We think this moped can initiate a change both in our urban and rural area as our public transportation is not frequent to all. Moreover the small earned commuter, agribusiness farm, farmers, delivery service farm, student can be benefited with using this moped. We are also hopeful to see the changes where mobility will be frequent all over the country with minimal cost. Thank you all.

TVS XL 100 Specification

TVS XL 100 Specification Table

*All the price and specification is subject to change upon company rules, policy, offer & promotion. BikeBD is not liable for the changes.Click Here>> All TVS Showroom In Bangladesh

FAQ – Frequently Ask Question

1. Which is the best in TVS?

Ans: TVS Scooty Zest is the best in Bangladesh of TVS.

2. Which suspension is better for scooters?

Ans: Telescopic front suspension and rear monoshock absorber is considered as best suspension in scooters.

3. What is the full name of TVS?

Ans- TVS stands for Thirukkurungudi Vengaram Sundram. Thirukkurungudi Vengaram Sundram Iyengar was the founder of the TVS group. 

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