TVS Apache RTR 160 Review By Team BikeBD

Published On 13-Aug-2018 09:27am , By Ashik Mahmud

On the evening of 17th January 2018 TVS Auto Bangladesh launched the brand new Apache RTR 160. During the event they handed over the bike to BikeBD for Test Ride purposes and after testing for around 2500 km in both city & on the highway Team BikeBD presents you the  TVS Apache RTR 160 Review.

TVS Apache RTR 160 Review By Team BikeBD

tvs apache rtr 160 review


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Engine & Gearbox

The engine of Apache RTR 160 is a single cylinder 2 valve air cooled 4 stroke engine. The engine pumps out 15.2 BHP & 13.1 NM of Torque. The engine is mated with a 5-speed gearbox. The company claims that 0-60 km/h can be achieved less than 5 seconds. The noise of the engine is a bit hardcore.

TVS Apache RTR 160 Review: Top Speed Test

tvs apache rtr 160 price in bangladesh

Design & Looks

This is where Apache RTR 160 is a killer(Source). They went for aggressive styling with the LED daytime light which stays on ON position from the moment you switch on the bike. The headlight is 35 w halogen headlight with multi-face reflector.
tvs apache rtr taillight

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There is also an LED taillight. The bike comes with an extended air scoop on the side of the fuel tank. There is a digital speedometer with an analog rev counter. You can see the top speed & 0-60 time in this bike. There is clip-on handlebar in the bike. The build qualities of the switch gears are very good.

tvs apache rtr 160 speedometer

I like the styling of the bike, they didn’t make it compact & yet they tried their best to make this time as user-friendly as possible. I think the designer looked at cheetah

(fastest animal on land) while designing this motorcycle.

tvs apache rtr 160 test ride review


The bike weighs 137 kg which is the lightest in the 160cc motorcycle segments in Bangladesh. It has a saddle height of 790 mm which is a good help for the bikers who are not comfortable with high bikes. The belly of the bike can load up to 16 liters of fuel which is a very good thing for long-distance ride.

tvs apache rtr braking

Wheels, Tyres  Brakes & Suspensions

The bike gets 17 inches alloy rims. Upfront there is a 90 section tire while on the rear there is a 110 section tire. Both tyres are tubeless. The bike gets 270 mm petal disc brake upfront and on the rear there is a 130 mm drum brake.

tvs apache rtr 160 suspension

The gets double-cradle frame, with front telescopic suspensions & monotube inverted gas-filled monoshock spring aided rear suspensions. There are no monoshock suspensions with the bike.

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Riding Experience

Due to low saddle height, the bike is good for the people who are short in height & yes it attracts the attention of bikers due to its appearance. The issue with the motorcycle is engine vibration. The vibration starts from 5000 RPM and it keeps it till 7000 RPM.

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After 7000 RPM shock wave gets transfer to the footpeg of the rider. For the people who will use the bike regularly will get used to it after using it for a week or so.

apache rtr review

Riding comfort is too little for this motorcycle due to its vibration & due to handlebar, which gives a very aggressive riding posture. To me, suspensions feel ok. Both the front & rear suspension gave enough feedback & due to its low height, you find the confidence to do off-roading.The best thing about the whole TVS Apache RTR 160 is its engine, it isn’t the most refine engine in the world but it gives 5 good feedbacks to the rider

  • It makes a good noise.
  • The engine is powerful.
  • There is a presence of ready pickup, something bikers of our generations love.
  • Engine is reliable.
  • One of the most fuel efficient engine in the 150-165 cc segment.

When it comes to ride & handling it does a good enough job in the class but not the best. The rear tyre gives feedback in the dry road but not the best in wet roads. The front suspensions are a bit soft so it is good for off roading but not the best for doing high speed corning.

tvs apache rtr 160 review by team bikebd

Under braking the performance isn’t well, it would have been good if they would have added 120 mm rear section tyre & fitted it with rear disc brake. Another important thing which the bikers must remember that they should always have the right tyre pressure in the tyres recommended by the company so that they can have the best grip possible from the bike.

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For city riding the bike is comfortable, turning radius is an issue but due to the size of the bike you can go through small gap nicely. One thing we must remember about the motorcycle is that because most of the weight is distributed on the front wheel if you happen to have a full tank of fuel (12-15 liters) then you must be careful in low speed corning or you might misjudge the apex.

tvs apache rtr 160

The headlight is another complaint of mine that it is AC operated something they need to come over in the future. Overall color quality of the bike is better then it’s rivaled in this segments but the fit & finishing is something am not happy with, the bike which was delivered to us for testing had the indicators all pointing in every direction, & I found many other bikes on the road which had the same issue.

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TVS Apache RTR 160 has a speedometer which records the top speed & 0-60 km/h timing. The bike I tested shows that the top speed I achieved was 131 kmph but the best I can remember doing was 127 km/h. As far mileage is a concern I received 40-42 km/l in the city & on the highway 45  km/l.

tvs apache rtr 160 images


Positives of TVS Apache RTR 160

  • Good pricing against its rivals in the 160cc segment.
  • Informative speedometer, even with a service indicator.
  • Good colour quality.
  • Engine is good for speed, mileage & also reliable.
  • Very aggressive in terms of design & looks.

Negatives of TVS Apache RTR 160

  • AC operated headlight.
  • Needs more stability under braking.
  • Engine vibration is something they need to work on.
  • Side bumpers are way too small.
  • It doesn’t have a premium price tag but fit & finishing needed to be better.

tvs apache rtr top speed

TVS Apache RTR 160 Review বাংলায় পড়তে এখানে ক্লিক করুন

With 165 cc is the new trend in the motorcycle industry then this is the cheapest of them all with the price tag of 177,900 BDT it is around 22,000 BDT less then Honda CB Hornet 160R & Bajaj Pulsar NS160. So if you are concern about mileage & pricing of a 165cc motorcycle then TVS Apache RTR 160 could be a good option for you, or you might wait 2 months for the ultimate 160cc motorcycle from TVS to come in Bangladesh.

Published by Ashik Mahmud