Top 14 Reasons Which Can Mash Your New Motorcycle

Published On 14-May-2014 05:49pm , By Shuvo

Riderz, if you just have purchased a new motorcycle or preparing to buy a new one then obviously here I am with you. Commonly purchasing a new bike is a significant event in our life for every class of people.

Most of the time there are some parallel preparations due to over excitement rolling beside when we decide or prepare to purchase a new motorcycle. But sometime due to intensity of ecstasy we do something extreme harmful for our loved bike.

Most of the times we do not act with our own common sense rather then being habituated seeing with what other practicing with their new motorcycle.  So unconsciously we do harm for our hard-earned motorbike. So riders here I am worn you with the wrong practices which can unquestionably mash your new bike.

Not killing your patience, just let's see the wrong practices can smash your new motorcycle.

Reasons Which Can Mash Your New Motorcycle

1. Commonly most of bike users are extreme cautious about the fuel efficiency of the new motorcycle. So some of users have the tendency to evaluate fuel efficiency from the day of purchase of a new bike.

After few miles of running they rushes toward the service center claiming the low fuel efficiency and force the mechanic reduce the fuel consumption detuning the carburetor. Hell off that! This practice is extremely liable to ruin the engine fast. Don't do this.

Feed your bike as much as it need or else it will fail to give its optimum service. Keep the carburetor tuning in factory default at least till 2000-3000km. It will benefit you in the long run.

2. Some riders can't keep patience even covering the break in period of the engine and just rushes the bike with doubling or tripling with friends on pillion. I am in doubt, are these guys really go over 10000 km with a smooth engine? So don't ride overloading your bike in break in period and don't continue riding for prolonged period within the break in.

3. Some die-hard modification freak just jumps for the cosmetic modification on purchasing a new motorcycle. And stupidly covers the naked engine & cylinder head with artificial fairing. If you really love your bike & don't want to engine overhaul before the time just don't do this type of modification.

Keep the engine area out of your cosmetic modification as company has designed the bike with maximum engineering technique. You need to push in your wit that all type of bike either air cooled or liquid cooled needed huge air inflow & outflow to keep the cooler, engine & cylinder head cool.

4. Most of riders in Bangladesh use rubber guard before the engine to protect from mud & dust. If you do that, you just like squeezing off the throat of the engine. Don't do that, just remove & throw off the rubber guard for ever. It hampers the natural cooling route of the engine.

5. Some freak tends to change the stock silencer with howler without manufacturer or technical person recommendation. Such type of exhaust definitely ruins the combustion & exhaust system fast.

Don't modify the exhaust of your new motorcycle such way. If you need to do this consult with related technical person & do the same under his supervision. One thing you need to know this type of modification made only for racing, where durability is not key concern rather then stunt or racing.

6. Some bike enthusiast love to spend on simple modification of his bike which sometime causes unexpected vulnerability with major parts of the bike. It is better to continue riding with stock parts at least till 2000-5000 Km.

7. Some riders who are speed freak consider revving hard from the very beginning can improve the acceleration & revving power of a new motorcycle. But disappointingly that's not true. It will just spoil the engine.

You should wait at least cover break in period. And there are also enduring techniques in break in and after break in for widen up the revving power.

8. There are some enduring techniques applied on racing bikes to complete the break in period and widen the revving power with in a short time. It is better not to practice the techniques onto your commuter or new motorcycle, as those can affect on fuel efficiency.

9. It is better not to attach any extra service light or signals or horns with your newly purchased new motorcycle. Wait for some days to be fully charged & discharged the battery & being prepared for continue the load and charging mechanism vice versa.

10. Some of us have a habit to collect fuel from road side floating fuel seller rather then fuel station. This type of tendency definitely spoils the engine of your new motorcycle. This type of floating seller cannot ensure quality fuel where many reputed fuel stations are far away from quality fuel.

It is better to use Octane (RON95) for new motorcycle rather then Petrol (RON80) as the modern bikes compression ratio is over 8.5:1.0 and recommended rating is RON87. Try to use pure fuel from reliable station.

11. Some of the riders are extreme fastidious. They often think they are not using right engine oil and try to experiment on one after another. Please rely on manufacturer recommended oil. It will not harm your bike at least.

12. Few rides have the tendency not to use the clutch lever frequently while breaking & shifting the gear. This type of habit just damages your gears and other related parts. So habituate to apply the clutch lever.

13. There are some rider's possess the tendency not to go service center for the periodical services. If you're sound enough with the general servicing & technical terms then it's ok for you. But if you are not, then you have to visit the service center for the periodic services, otherwise the bike will push you there without any notice & of course with huge repair cost.

14. Most of us really love our bike so much. So we do like to wash it regularly. Sometime simply we use water hose and throw water under the engine just after riding over extreme dirty & dusty area to clean the dirt & dust from lower engine part.

Hell off that, just don't do this again. It can spoil the engine crankcase on the spot. Throwing cool water on hot metal part can make extreme microscopic crack which cannot be repaired anyway. Do washing job after cooling down the extreme hot portions.

So riders that are not enough but wish you are cautious enough to take care of your new bike. Apply your common sense, it can solve most of the issues. Wish you smooth, happy & safe long rides for several years. Take care your self & take care of your new motorcycle.

Published by Shuvo