Takyon E Bike Will Be Launching Soon In Bangladesh

Published On 21-Apr-2021 11:14am , By Raihan Opu

With the booming motorcycle market in Bangladesh we all may have forgotten a Bangladeshi motorcycle brand name Walton. They used to be one of the earliest motorcycle manufacturer in Bangladesh. They stopped their motorcycle business a while back & now are coming back in the two wheel industry with an electric scooter name Takyon 1.0.

Takyon E Bike Will Be Launching Soon In Bangladesh

 walton taykon 1.0 price in bnagaldesh 

I personally used Walton Leo motorcycle for near about 9 months and it was my first motorcycle . Although we know Walton these days for their electronics products but with a growing 2 wheeler market Walton will soon introduce a electric motorcycle.

For newbies, electric motorcycles are run by electricity which are stored in a battery back. These bikes are cheap to run as instead of buying fuel which for running 40-50 km in Dhaka city might cost you around 90 BDT, to run the same distance an electric bike might eat up highest 8-10 BDT.

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Takyon 1.0 will have a seat height of 770 with a ground clerance of 130 mm. It will have a kerb weight of 82 kg. Surprising Walton claims that it will have a loading capacity of 180 kg which is huge.

 walton taykon 1.0 seat 

Takyon electric scooter will be run by a 1200 KW hub motor. The battery itself weighs 40 kg & will have a maximum power of 1.5 KW & 8.5 NM of Torque. According to spec it will have a top speed of 50 kmph with a range of 60-70 km if driven around 25 kmph.

The standard charging time for the battery is 8 hours & it will have around 300-600 charging cycles. Tyre wise they have fitted 90 section tyre with the front wheel which gets a disc brake & then there is a 100 section tyre on the rear wheel which too gets a disc brake.

The tyres are tubeless which are mostly standard now on scooter. Suspension wise it will get hydraulic suspensions on both front & the rear of the scooter.

 taykon side view suspension 

Looking at the pictures  online we can see that scooter will get LED headlight & a LCD speedometer. Electric bikes or scooters which are mostly avilable in Bangladesh are only for city commute and most of them don't offer a very wide range.

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But with covid pandemic hitting hard in Bangladesh & public transport are becoming hard to find & expensive to ride with moving on two wheelers isn't a bad option & if you are someone who just want to commute from Home to Office & won't need to commute anything over 50 km per day then an electric bike is your type of machine to ride. Walton is yet to announce the price of Walton Takyon & as soon as it does we will update it at our website.

Published by Raihan Opu