Suzuki Gixxer 155cc 7000 KM User Review - Kawsar Rahman Khan

Published On 18-Aug-2020 04:31am , By Raihan Opu

Suzuki Gixxer 155cc 7000 KM User Review

I am Kawsar Rahman Khan. I live in Fatehpur village of Tangail Sadar. I am studying in Honor's final year. I am 22 years old. Today I will share the story of the first bike of my life with Suzuki Gixxer 155cc running 7 thousand km in 1 year.

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I didn't have much interest in bikes when I was younger, because my father was a farmer. So buying a bicycle was a big dream for me. So I never dreamed I would be able to buy a bike one day. When I was in 10th class in 2013. Then my mama bought the first bike Honda 80cc. I was with my uncle then and I was wondering when I could get on the bike. But after 4/5 months of use, Mama suddenly sold the bike and left the country. You can say right from then on, 1 other kind of love worked towards the bike.

I passed SSC and joined to teach in coaching. At that time I was getting a very low salary. Thus I passed the Inter. Gradually I started earning good money through tuition. And since then I have been crazy about bikes. Bikes are a force that helps 1 person make new friendships with many people. Again, you can go wherever you want. I said I would buy a bike at home because I had some money but as a boy, my family refused to buy it for fear of an accident. But I just told my parents that I would do tuition and go to varsity to buy a bike.

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The year was 2017, then I used to earn 20,000 Tk a month by doing tuition. In this way, since then I have been providing money to buy a bike with my own money. First of all, When TVS Apache RTR bike passed in front of me, I just kept looking. Yes! If I had such a bike. I like the RTR bike. One day I joined the BikeBD group on Facebook. Then I saw that there are better bikes than RTR. Then I post in the group, which bike would be better. Everyone talked about Yamaha FZS and Suzuki Gixxer 155cc.

The year was 2018, I didn't have much money for tuition, so I decided to buy RTR. I have the money ready at home. Just at that time, I fell into a big danger, where my bike was finished with one and a half lakh Tk in two days. Buying my bike is like a dream come not true, No more chance of buying bikes. I had many dreams, I used to talk to my friends all day and in a few days, I will buy a bike. I told everyone at home that I would take good care of my bike. But luck took me away from the bike.

Suzuki Gixxer 155cc Review

Even then, without breaking down, I started arranging money again by the grace of Allah. I increase the amount of tuition. And I made 1 lakh 70 thousand Tk again in 1 year by the grace of Allah through tuition. Then there was a bull in the house which was sold 4 days before Eid and got 80 thousand Tk. The year was 2019, then 2 days before the Eid of Qurbani, I got the bike.

 suzuki gixxer 155cc user review

I decided to buy the bike through this BikeBD group. After seeing the Suzuki Gixxer 155cc bike many times in everyone's comments, I thought I would take it. After that, it felt good to ask a few people around. Suzuki Gixxer 155cc was bought from Tangail since my village home is Tangail. I bought it for 2 lakh 15 thousand Tk. And the papers have been Tangail's number for 10 years.

I bought a bike from the showroom and came home. But I can't ride a bike, so Mama brought me on. The feeling of sitting on the back of a new bike on the way was awesome. I remember there was a lot of joy. Thinking of breaking on the way, we left within the RPM limit and left for our destination. In 10 minutes I went to the open field from my uncle and learned to ride a bike. I wanted to learn to ride a bike after buying it myself. By the grace of Allah, I have succeeded. I want to cross many more Roads with my love.

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I use the Engine oil provided by Suzuki. First I change the engine oil at 500 km, then I change it every 900 km and I change the oil filter after every 2 engine oil. Engine oil costs only 450 Tk. I give 850 ml of engine oil every time and 900 ml when I change the oil filter

What I changed about the bike -

  • I change the horn after 1 week of buying it first. Because the sound quality of the horn with the bike is very low.
  • Then change the engine oil filter after draining twice.
  • Then I am changing the air filter.

Modify - I have a Suzuki Gixxer 155cc double-disc bike. Model 2018, blue color. I have put the engine kit on the front and bottom for better viewing. When you brake, the backlight comes on. Designing the front headlights.

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Some good aspects of the bike -

  • Looks are different from all bikes.
  • The backside looks very nice. Especially the 2 silencer pipes attracted me more.
  • Great control on the bike. I am completely satisfied with the balance and control of the bike.
  • I'm happy with the mileage, got 38+ in the city, and 41+ on the highway.
  • I like the suspension of the bike very much. There is no shaking on the broken road.
  • As the rear wheel of the bike is thick enough. For which cornering does not fill any problem.
  • Ready pick up is good enough. You can pick up speed very fast. It seems that Gixxer is the best among 155cc bikes.
  • Top speed is good enough but I got up to 119. I did not try again. Maybe a good biker could lift more.
  • The digital meter is great, the clock, gear, speed indicator, RPM are all there.

Some bad aspects of the bike -

  • I don't like the look on the front.
  • Pillion seat is not comfortable.
  • Especially the stock horn is not good.
  • Gear shifting still seems tough and giving gears a lot of noise that sounds annoying.
  • The price of bike parts in the showroom is much higher.

What I don't like the most is that after running 5,000 km, the fork oil seal suddenly cuts off which I didn't expect to go so fast. I do all the free services of the company on time. I haven't done any work from outside yet. I haven't opened the engine yet.

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Long tour with the bike - I didn't go far with the bike. However, I rode 100 km from home to Jamuna bridge without any problem. The Jamuna Bridge has left many memories. And when I go out with my friends, I don't know where to go. No problem at all, I got a good performance. At present, the bike is about 1 year old, by the grace of God, I have not faced any major problem yet, Alhamdulillah. My final opinion about the bike is, if your budget is 2 lakh, then take it without any worries. Always ride after a helmet, no matter the distance. I can survive the accident if I give importance. All will be well. Stay healthy. See the Updated Suzuki Gixxer price in Bangladesh here.

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Written By - Kawsar Rahman Khan

Published by Raihan Opu