Speeder Motorcycle Launched 3 New Bikes At Dhaka Bike Show 2019

Published On 14-Mar-2019 01:01pm , By Ashik Mahmud

Speeder Motorcycle launched 3 new bikes in the 5th Dhaka Bike Show 2019. They also announced attractive offer for the Speeder Countrymen 165 in Bangladesh.

speeder big monster 

Speeder Motorcycle is a renowned motorcycle brand and Genesys Motorcycles Ltd. has been bring Speeder motorcycles in Bangladesh for more than a year now. Speeder Motorcycle was mainly focused in the cafe racer game as they had only one model, Speeder Countryman 165. Few months back, they launched a new bike, Speeder Big Monster 165 FI and now, they have  launched three new models for the Bikers of Bangladesh. Not only that, but they have also announced new price for the Speeder countryman 165 Cafe Racer.

 speeder motorcycle

Speeder Colt

This is a newly launched 150cc bike from Speeder Motorcycle. It carries a 149.4cc engine which produces 13.4 bhp of power and 12.3 NM of torque. the bike has a 5-speed transmission and has a 110 section tyre at the front and a 130 section tyre in the rear. The bike has a launching price tag of 1,49,500 BDT and it will soon be available in Speeder showrooms.

 speeder vigo

Speeder Vigo

Speeder Vigo is a 110cc motorcycle from the company, which produces 7.3 bhp of power and 7.6 NM of torque. It has a price tag of 1,04,500 BDT, and it will soon be available in Speeder showrooms.

 speeder republic price in bangladesh

Speeder Republic

This is a 100cc motorcycle from Speeder and it is a really interesting looking 100cc motorcycle. It has a 97.2cc engine which produces 5.5 bhp and 6.5 NM of torque. The bike has a 4 speed transmission and weighs only 87 kg. The bike has a price tag of 89,500 BDT. speeder big monster 165 fi

Speeder Big Monster 165FI

Speeder Big Monster 165FI was already launched in Bangladesh, but in this Dhaka Bike Show 2019, they displaying it to the vast crowd as a street fighter motorcycle. In the Dhaka Bike Show 2019, if anyone give booking to this bike from the Speeder pavilion, he will get a free helmet.

Click Here For Speeder Big Monster 165FI First Impression

Speeder Countryman 165

Speeder countryman was one of the first 160cc motorcycle to get launched in Bangladesh, and Speeder Motorcycle is giving away discount on this bike for the Dhaka Bike Show 2019. The regular price of this bike is 2,50,000 BDt, but in this Dhaka Bike Show, it will be sold on 2,39,500 BDT. Also, Customers who will book or purchase the Speeder countryman 165 from the Dhaka Bike Show 2019, will get Free registration, helmet, engine oil, and a full tank fuel from Speeder Motorcycle!

 speeder countryman in bangladesh price

Speeder Motorcycle is giving away a really attractive offer and also launched some new bikes, hopefully they will catch the attention and the eye of Bikers and Bike enthusiasts of Bangladesh!

Published by Ashik Mahmud