Runner Motorcycle Launches 4 New Motorcycles In Bangladesh

Published On 08-May-2020 05:06am , By Raihan Opu

Runner Automobiles Ltd launches 4 new motorcycles in Bangladesh through an online soft-launching program yesterday. Out of these 4 bikes, 2 bikes are brand new while 2 bikes are an upgraded version of their existing models. runner bolt 165 runner motorcycle

Runner Bolt 165 This is a Naked sports bike from Runner, Runner for most of their life made commuting motorcycle but finally they came up with a naked sports bike for the Bangladeshi bike lover. These are some of the basic features of the bike:

  • 300 mm front disc brake.
  • alloy wheels
  • Front USD suspensions,
  • under engine cowl,
  • underbelly exhaust
  • the rear disc brake as standard.
  • rod handlebar,
  • split seat,
  • rear mono shock suspension,
  • rear tire guard
  • LED headlight added with LED taillight.
  • fully digital speedometer with two color options.

The engine of the bike is a 165cc unit which is air cooling, the engine produces 13.2 BHP @ 7500 RPM & 14 NM of Torque @ 6500 RPM. The bike only gets self-starter as standard with a 5-speed gearbox.

The bike gets 100 section front tire with a 130 section rear tire. The bike has a saddle height of 775 mm. The fuel tank capacity of the bike is 12 liters while the dry weight of the bike is 150 kg. Runner Automobiles still haven’t disclosed the price of this new machine, once they do we will reveal that to our BikeBD viewers.

runner scooty 110

Scooty 110 There is a huge popularity of scooters in Bangladesh and with the current situation, it will grow even further. The new scooter of Runner motorcycle has a price tag of 99,000 BDT and will be available in 5 exciting colors. This small scooter will have lots of storage capacity under the seat & underneath the the handlebar. The scooter has self-starter, tubeless tires, front disc brake. The scooter has a 110 cc engine which pumps out 7 BHP & 7 NM of Torque & it is an automotive transmission.

Knight Rider V2 For a long time, this was the most powerful bike from Runner. Over the times they upgraded this bike & finally, they brought a new version of their most popular 150cc bike. The new bike gets some cosmetic changes like:

  • fuel tank extension on the side of the fuel tank
  • new graphics
  • under engine cowl.

runner knight rider v2 in bangladesh

Mechanically they also changed a few things:

  • the clutch of the bike for better gear change
  • the added rear disc brake as standard
  • Tuned the engine of the bike for better performance.

The 150 cc engine produces 11.9 BHP @ 7500 RPM & 12.2 NM of Torque @ 55oo RPM. The engine is air cooling & has 5-speed gearboxes.The 17 inches rim gets 80 section tire upfront while on the rear there is a 110 section tire with dual disc brake as standard on both the wheels. The bike now has front telescopic suspensions while on the rear there is a mono-shock rear suspension. Runner Knight Rider V2 will have a price tag of 1,42,000 BDT. Currently they are giving a cashback offer of 4,000 BDT.

 runner bullet v2 in bangladesh

Runner Bullet V2 Runner Bullet is probably their most selling bike in the 100 cc segment. The upgrade to the next version on gets a new sticker & new sporty side shroud. The price of Runner Bullet V2 is 1,08,000 BDT. Currently Runner motorcycle is giving this new bike at a offer price of 99,000 BDT. The 100 cc engine of the bike produces only 6.5 BHP @ 7500 RPM & 7 NM of Torque @ 5500 RPM.

The bike gets disc brake as standard upfront & rear drum brake. The bike gets both kick & self-starter as standard. The tires of the bike aren’t tubeless and Runner didn’t give us any mileage figure of the bike. I think all these 4 bikes were supposed to be launched at the 2020 Dhaka Bike Show but due to the current pandemic of COVID -19, they were all launched behind closed doors.

Published by Raihan Opu