Pegasus Fabio 125 Feature Review

Published On 18-Nov-2016 02:53pm , By Saleh

Jamuna Electronics & Automobiles is marketing some motorcycles in our market under the badge Pegasus. Pegasus Fabio 125 is one of the motorcycles from their pit featured quite like cruiser. Therefore the cruiser lovers here we are with Pegasus Fabio 125 Feature Review.


Behind the Pegasus Fabio 125 

The Pegasus Fabio 125 marketed by Jamuna Electronics & Automobiles Limited (JEAL) we mentioned at the top. The company formed on 2013 under the concern Jamuna Group. The Jamuna Group also engaged with several fazes of different business like textile, chemical, real estate, hotel management, print & electronic media and giant shopping complex business.

The sister concern of Jamuna Group JEAL is marketing regular electronic home appliance products. In parallel they are also marketing motorcycles in our market. The company is moving forward with the slogan of “Committed to Prosperity”. Hence now they are also with motorcycle business in Bangladesh.


Pegasus Fabio 125 - Appearance

Considering designed like a cruiser the Pegasus Fabio 125 generally a commuter. It looks pretty decent and quite stylish. The riding position and handlebar design is upright which is quite perfect for cruising. Seating arrangement both for rider and pillion also good and seems to be comfortable.

In terms of looks and design it pretty eye catching. You will find the fuel tank is rounded and bloated. The bloated side panel, rear part and head lamp also nicely matched with the bloating design of Pegasus Fabio 125.

The color scheme is also good as it finished with glossy finish where some parts are matt finished. But in terms of conventional cruiser design it lacks the chrome work on Fabio 125. Only the exhaust muffler, handlebar and front shock absorbers are usually finished like chrome.

On the other side the odo console is analog type. Its conventional round double pit construction nicely matches with the shape of bike. And at the end of the seat there is a nicely finished alloy luggage carrier which also works as grab rail. Hence overall at a glace it’s a pretty good looking bike.


Pegasus Fabio 125 – Engine & Features

The Pegasus Fabio 125 is a cruiser styled commuter. The engine is a four stroke single cylinder air cooled engine with the displacement of 125cc. This 125cc engine produces simply 7.5kw of maximum power and 8.8Nm of torque.

Moreover the compression ratio is 9.0:1 and the motorcycle weight is around 110Kg. So you understand the bike clearly featured for commuting and some simple weekend cruising. Talking about other features the fuel feed by carburetor and the engine ignited both by kick and electric start feature.

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Pegasus Fabio 125 – Wheel & Suspension

The Pegasus Fabio 125 suspensions are regular type. Here front suspensions are with telescopic fork and the rears are sealed barrel with coil spring.

The rims of Pegasus Fabio 125 are all alloy with ten spoke construction. Here the tires are non directional and not tubeless type.

Braking system of Pegasus is mixture of disk and drum type. The front wheel brake is fitted with hydraulic disk brake where the rear one is drum type.


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So here are all about the motorcycle Pegasus Fabio 125. Studding all the features of the motorcycle it seems it designed in target of those commuter users who love the cruiser style. As we still haven’t tested the bike so we can’t say anything about on road engine performance. But it seems to be much comfortable in regular commuting. So guys that’s all about the motorcycle here. Thank you all.

Published by Saleh