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Published On 17-May-2018 01:43pm , By Ashik Mahmud

Rasel Industries Ltd has officially unveiled Lifan KPR165R in Bangladesh. Team BikeBD got in hand the very first bike which came in Bangladesh for testing and after testing it we put together the Lifan KPR165R First Impression Review. The price of the bike is expected in the range of 215,000 - 225,000 BDT.lifan kpr165r first impression review

Lifan KPR150 is one of the popular sports bike in Bangladesh. RIL has sold around 1800 units of Lifan KPR150 in Bangladesh over the past 3 years. They revealed Lifan KPR165R at Dhaka Bike Show 2018 & thankfully we were the first to get in tough with the bike. Lifan KPR165R is a new motorcycle from RIL. The bike features a brand new engine which produces 16.8 BHP @ 8,000 RPM & 17 NM of Torque @ 6500 RPM. The engine is a single cylinder unit with 2 valve & has liquid cooled.The fuel supply of the bike is controlled by Electronic Fuel Injection system. It also has 6 speed gearbox. The engine has balance shaft for less vibration.

Lifan KPR 150 রিভিউ পড়ুন বাংলায় 

Apart from the engine they also changed the exhaust which makes a different sound compare to KPR150. The rest of the things they borrowed from Lifan KPR150. Upfront there is a 300 mm disc brake, while on the rear there is 220 mm disc brake.

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The bike feature LED projection headlight & & LED taillight with a digital speedometer & analog rev counter. Rear tyre of the bike is 120 specifications which is a bit disappointing as I think with 130 sections on the rear the balance of the bike would have been better. The bike carries 14 litres of fuel and it weighs around 150 kg. It has 3 part handle and other conventional things which we found at Lifan KPR150.

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Lifan KPR165R First Impression Review - First Ride Experience  In our testing of 100 km we found that compare to Lifan KPR150 the speed of KPR165R is more. The acceleration is smooth. Over an 800 metere drag race we found that Lifan KPR165R topped 124 km/h while the KPR150 did 116 km/h.

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Braking performance from the front is very good but the rears are just good due to 120 section tyre, we would suggest that in the near future they fit this bike with 13o section rear tyre. Suspensions are still new and a bit hard but with time I think it will get softer. The mileage figure early isn’t the best as we got only 30-32 km/l but with time I think the mileage will improve as the bike we tested was only 20 km old and we tested for 100 km. The biggest problem we faced was the hard gearbox, this is signature issue with Lifan KPR series bikes & we think that the gearbox will become soft after 2000 km or 2nd service.

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So that’s it about First Impression Review of Lifan KPR165R, we hope to bring the full review of the bike after we test the bike for 3000 km both on the road & highway. Do subscribe to our Youtube Channel for the Lifan KPR165R First Impression Review.

Published by Ashik Mahmud