Lifan KPR 165R Carb NBF2 2200 Km User Review - Suranjit

Published On 14-Dec-2020 08:47am , By Raihan Opu

I'm Suranjit. I currently live in the Gallamari area of Khulna and riding Lifan KPR 165R Carb NBF2. I didn't really care about bikes during my childhood, however, when I got older, seeing my friend's bike got me quite excited. I learned to ride on a friend's bike. That's the past. Let me share my experiences with my present bike, the Lifan KPR 165R Carb NBF2.

Lifan KPR 165R Carb NBF2 2200 Km User Review

lifan kpr 165r nbf2 user

I am a small YouTuber but I could not afford to buy a bike. When I thought I needed a bike, I only had 1 lac available with me. But I wanted a sport bike, which was impossible to get with the money I had.

I was searching online and suddenly I saw the Lifan KPR bike. I liked it very much, which lead me to learn more about it. When I thought about buying the bike, I thought I would not be able to buy it because all the shops were closed due to the pandemic.

But I called the showroom in Khulna and got to know that they would be able to open the showroom up for a very short time. According to their given time, I went to the showroom and bought the Lifan KPR 165R Carb NBF2. I am very happy to get such a good bike for so little money.

 lifan kpr 165 carb nbf2 front

The only reason I chose the bike is that it looks and feels good. The night before I went to buy the bike, I couldn't sleep. I was so excited that I couldn't even think about anything else. Buying a bike from a middle-class family is a huge thing.

I was wondering when it would be 10 o'clock in the morning and I would go to the showroom at 10 o'clock. At 10 o'clock I went to the showroom with my wife, since I had seen the bike online before, so I didn't need to do any choosing or anything like that. So, I paid for the bike and took the bike home.

In a word, all the features of the bike seemed very good to me. Every day when I think I will ride the bike or go somewhere, my mind is filled with joy because I love to ride the bike.

 kpr 165r carb speedometer

I haven't had my bike serviced yet for lockdown but I don't see any major problems with my bike. I have already said that I bought my bike in the first month of the lockdown. So far the bike has 2200km in the ODO.

On the bike, I got a maximum speed of 134kmph but one of my brothers got up to 136kmph. I take care of my bike every day. I wash the bike once a week. I use the Petronas Sprinta F300 20W-40. So far I have not changed any parts of my bike. I did not modify the bike.

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Some pros of Lifan KPR 165R Carb NBF2 -

  • Smoothness
  • High torque
  • Appearance
  • Great for long tours
  • Liquid-cooled engine

lifan kpr 165r carb nbf2 user review

Some cons of Lifan KPR 165R Carb NBF2 -

  • Low mileage
  • Large turning radius
  • Overheating
  • Chain tightening issue
  • Rear appearance

The longest continuous ride was about 100km. My opinion so far about the bike is that I have not noticed many bad aspects of the bike so far. I don't think the bike will disappoint me.

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Written By: Suranjit Gain

Published by Raihan Opu