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Published On 20-Nov-2017 05:38am , By Saleh

I am Waqer kabir, doing BSC.. in CSE. at American International University Bangladesh. My first bike was Hero Honda Hunk. From my early age I used to like riding, I'm a cyclist and then I've become a bike rider, Bike ridding and travelling has become my hobby. From my first bike i started to gather information about bike from internet, user experience and my own trail riding experience. Today I am going to review about my Keeway RKS 150.

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Keeway RKS 150 Ownership Review - Waqer Kabir

rks 150

I choosed Keeway RKS 150 because its a a naked sports bike, its desgine is very elegant and the look of this bike is jst a wow!  because it was desgined by Benelli its very aro dynamic in shape, the balancing of this bike is very good and there is a 120 size rare tyre in it.

Keeway RKS 150 With CBS : First Time In Bangladesh,Price & Specification

When I bought is bike about a year ago, it's price was 1,86,000+ tk. from union motors,mirpur. i was confused about choosing the color all the color were looking nice but as I love black I choosed black and finally I bought with excititement.

From the fist acceleration i was having a great feelings, i bond between my heart and my bike's engine started from then, i was getting a great output from the throttel.

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I use my bike to go my university and sometimes for touring , average i ride 30km+ per day. Keeway rks 150 has a great look by famous bike brand Benelli , it's engine output is 14 BHP@9500 rpm, Top RPM: 11,500 , weight is just 127 kg ,Rear suspension: Mono-Telescopic coil spring oil damped,It has a large fuel tank.  I get a great balance and acceleration from this bike , it takes jst 4 seconds to reach 60kmh and 12sec to reach 100kmh.

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I maintain my bike very well, I regular check my bike condition and service regular a month. Bike mileage was 35/35 before 2500km and after that I'm getting 40+- mileage in city and 50+- in highway.  I always service my bike from authorize point for especial case I go to Tuhin vai , speedOz mechanic, he knows the best about rks 150. I drain engine oil after 800km , Motul 20-40 mineral I use.

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I haven't change any part yet except the front wheel, I've install MRF zapper for better grip and planning to change the spark plug to IRIDIUM. I've achieved 119km/h speed till nw in my bike at 8,500rpm, so I expect much possible in it.

Keeway RKS 150 Positive things : 

1. Balancing

2. Accelaration 

3.Comfort seating position

Keeway RKS 150 Negative things :

1. Front tyre ( as I chaged to mrf zapper now its ok)

2. Rear disk would be better.

3. Headlight should be much powerful

keeway rks 150 bd

A long tour short details : Dhaka - Shylhet tour (953km) Dhaka - Norsingdhi - asugonj -hobigonj -Zaflong, lalakhal - srimongol -satsori -Dhaka I had an awsome tour there with this bike, In highway i got a great milage,great blancing , good comfort.  Now my bike's mileage is 10,000+ and till now I'm very happy with my bike and hope will will continue my journey with it for at least 2 more years. That's about my Keeway RKS 150. Thank you for reading my bike review.

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