Honda Livo 110cc 3000 KM User Review - Jahid Hasan Shanto

Published On 07-Jul-2020 06:49am , By Raihan Opu

Hi, I’m Jahid Hasan Shanto. I dreamed of buying a bike ever since I was a child. But I couldn't imagine buying it so soon. Honda Livo 110cc bike is the first bike of my life, and today I will share with you some experiences and some things about the bike after riding 3000 km with my Honda Livo 110 bike.

Honda Livo 110cc 3000 KM User Review - Jahid Hasan Shanto

 honda livo user in bangladesh

I love bikes. Many friends had bikes since childhood. My brothers have bikes and have loved bikes ever since. I never thought of buying a Honda Livo 110cc, I wanted to buy another bike. Buying an old Bajaj Pulsar or TVS Apache RTR was the idea. But one big brother suggested me to buy a new Honda Livo so I bought a Honda Livo with the help of that big brother and I really like the Honda Livo. It cost me 1,34,000 TK to buy a bike. At that time the price of the bike was 1,16,000 / - Tk and 16,000 / - Tk for making paper, plus 2,000 Tk were charged for my credit card. So a total of 1,34,000 / - was spent.

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I bought the bike from Fahim Auto, the official showroom of Honda in Shanir Akhra. I went to buy a bike at around 1 pm with my boss. Then he paid and left. I completed everything and until 3 o'clock, and then I went home. The reason I bought the bike so early was that I was angry with an older brother. Otherwise, I had no plans to buy a bike so soon. The bike was bought in a hurry.

 honda livo 110cc user review

The Honda Livo 110cc is a much better bike in the 110cc segment. The performance of the bike is very good as well as the mileage and top speed. I like the bike very much. I work in my area. I bought the bike only for a hobby. I don't ride the bike every day because I don't have time to ride it every day. I ride the bike two days a week, sometimes three days but not every day. When I ride the bike I feel a lot of joy to myself.

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I have serviced the bike two to three times and I have serviced it from the showroom from which the bike was bought because I have four free services. The quality of each service was satisfactory.

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Before covering 2500 km, I got a mileage of 65 km per liter. Since 2500 km I have got a mileage of 60 km per liter. I don't think I can say for sure. However, I am getting very good mileage. I take great care of the bike. I have been using the bike very carefully since I started using it. I wash the bike twice a week. Regularly check chain tightness, cable lube, air filter clean, and wheel pressure. I use Honda Recommended Engine oil as the engine oil of the bike. Grade 10w 30w and performance is quite good.

 livo 110cc in bangladesh

A few days after I bought the bike, a friend had a big accident while riding the bike and the air filters, plugs, headlights have been changed. I love to modify bikes so I changed the handle of my Honda Livo, changed the looking glass, installed new seat covers, modified some more. With my Honda Livo, I picked up speed up to a maximum of 100 KMPH. The road was from Madanpur to kachpur bridge.

Some good aspect of this bike-

  • The mileage is quite good.
  • Looks beautiful.
  • The design is excellent as a 110cc bike.
  • The engine sound is smooth.
  • The seats are quite large, with comfort available.

Some bad aspect of this bike-

  • The engine makes a lot of noise when the speed is 80+.
  • The worst part is that the rear wheel is thin.
  • The rear tires are very thin which makes it difficult to break.
  • There is no engine kill switch.
  • No ready pickup.

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About two weeks after buying my Honda Livo bike, I went on a night trip from Dhaka to Comilla Daudkandi to my uncle's house. A few days ago I went from Dhaka to Bikrampur, this is my long tour in 3000 km run. The Honda Livo 110 is a very good bike in the low range and 110cc bike. If you want a bike with good looks and good mileage on a low budget then you can take the Honda Livo bike. I like using this bike. The bike looks like a 150cc bike. Mileage is very good. In all respects, this Honda Livo is very good. Thanks.

Written By - Jahid Hasan Shanto  

Published by Raihan Opu