Honda CB Trigger Ownership Review By Robin

Published On 12-Jun-2015 05:21pm , By Shuvo

Honda CB Trigger Ownership Review

Hi everyone I am Robin Khan from Basail Upazilla,Tangail District. I am sharing about my experience with my companion HONDA CB TRIGGER.
First of all I want To thank Suvro Vai for creating this blog , then I give my special thank to June vai for giving me many many useful information.Now i am going to start my rewiew.This is my fourth bike.

 honda cb trigger ownership review by robin

My first bike was yamahass 125. it was a great bike,comfortable,good handling,good mileage 50 to 55kmpl & good pick up too,Top speed found 106kmph. I rode it for 15000km. My second bike was tvs metro. Metro is also a good bike in 100cc segment.It's handling was good,mileage found almost 60kmpl in Dhaka city,top speed found 100kmph(many people may not believe this). But it is the only bike i found top speed is equal to it's cc,i rode it for 6000km.Then I brought tvs apache rtr.I rode it for 24000km.

It's handling was good,but comfort level was low.I had back pain,shoulder pain for it's seating position.I found mileage 35 to 45kmpl,top speed found 112kmph.After that I brought the real HONDA(In the country we live people call "HONDA",if you ride bajaj,tvs,hero whatever people will call it "HONDA", so why other brand,even after buying Honda CB Trigger many people asked me which "HONDA" it is.), The Honda CB Trigger.
 honda cb trigger

I have already done 2000 km in 20 days(brought 18/05/2015).I brought it from ZamZam Motors,Tangail.Before I brought this bike I was very confused between Suzuki Gixxer & Honda CB Trigger.I asked many riders,read many reviews in internet & saw many videos.Then I decided to by Honda CB Trigger.The reasons for choosing CB Trigger are better mileage than Gixxer, Acceleration and top speed is also better than Gixxer,Double Disk brake option,price is lesser than Gixxer.

Honda CB Trigger cost me 2,37,000bdt/= with registration, but Gixxer's price is 2,36,000bdt to 2,37,000bdt (includind bumper ,rankon do not give bumper with it) without registration. IN India Price deference between CB Trigger DLX and Gixxer is only 500rupee.But In our country deference is almost 25,000bdt.(because Bangladesh Honda {BHL} is company and Rancon is importer like Karnaphuli.But Gixxer looks better than CB Trigger.

honda cb trigger review


It has 150cc Honda engine powering 14.35bhp at 8500rpm you can find full specification from internet.I have done it's breaking period for 1000km,owner's manual say's 500km.At this period i rode this bike within 3000 to 4000rpm.After break in period I rev this bike hard.I found great acceleration, I have beaten apache rtr,fzs,eve Suzuki Gixxer.

Top speed I achieved 120kmph,but my bike was capable of doing more. Because of traffic I can't do more than 120kmph.Engine is vibration free and very smooth.

 latest honda bike in bangladesh


At break in period i found maximum 61.5kmpl average 55 to 60kmpl.After break in period I found average mileage of 45to55kmpl depending on riding style.

1.Great Handling.
2.Good comfort because of seating position.
3.Ultra smooth Engine.
4.Great acceleration, top speed is also good 125kmph+.
5.Great mileage for a 150cc bike.
6.Good Breaking for double disk brakes.
7.HONDA quality and reliability.

1.Hard seat foam(first 500-600km).
2.Soundless Engine(if you want powerful sound it will disappoint you).
3.No engine kill switch.
4.Gear box is not smooth like Yamaha's .
5.No DC lighting.

honda cb trigger in bangladesh

I am fully satisfied with my bike because it gives me good mileage,acceleration, top speed,comfort everything I wanted.Honda CB Trigger triggered performance. I can say it is a best combination of performance & mileage.So everybody should keep in mind that "Honda is HONDA". Thanks for my review.

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