Top 18 High Speed Motorcycle Riding Tips Every Speed Lover Should Know

Published On 29-May-2013 06:37am , By Shuvo

Once there was a time when riding a motorcycle in Bangladesh was limited to middle aged men, young boys were not allowed that much to buy a bike and ride it by themselves. But now time has change and the youngster is just crazy about High Speed Motorcycle Riding and now we can see that everywhere there is a young boy with a bike.

Top 18 High Speed Motorcycle Riding Tips Every Speed Lover Should Know

high speed motorcycle riding

At this young age, when you will have a bike its quite natural that you will have a great passion to ride it in high speed and the youngster now have a trend of doing races among friends so in races high speeds are very necessary.

But bike is also known for one of the many reasons for which young boy faces very dangerous accident. So if you have a bike you must drive it very carefully and during these races you must follow some tips to be safe during this high speed races, because your life is very costly and your safety comes first.

To ride a bike in high speed first of all you need to have a foreign bike, and many Indian bikes will give you the feature of high speed. But in these Indian bikes you will have to concentrate on many factors such as handling, the roads and also the traffic. And remember ride your bike in high speed only when its necessary so for riding it at first you must practice riding it in high speed.

Here are some tips to give you a better and safer ride in high speed motorcycles:

  • At first you will have to know the physical limitation of your bike which means you will have to know up to how much km it can go in both high and low speeds, because every bike has its own limitation and whenever you will try to cross it may lead you to problem and even accidents. And you must not use the simple bikes of both India and Bangladesh because they change dramatically when they will cross their limitation and a particular speed. As for example you must not use Hero Honda Splendor pro and Bajaj Discover 100 because they will begin to give vibration when their limit will be crossed and you must cool down when you see this.
  • You must not use your new bike for high speed because even if you speed for a little while it may damage your engine forever. Because the friction of the engine parts of a new bike is at maximum. When you are riding your new bike you must use it at slow speed. As speeding of a new bike depends on the condition of the roads. Condition of the bike and also make of your bike and totally on your luck and stability of your mind. So you must not try speeding in a new bike.
  • You must look at the road condition first, only then decide whether you will ride your bike in high speed or not. Road condition will carry your 50% of weightage; you must choose long, smooth, straight and hassle free. In Bangladesh this type of roads are very rare, you can get such roads only in highways and the highways are very risky for high speed riding so think twice before riding in high speed in highways.
  • There are few conditions for high speed motorcycle riding and you must have similarity with this conditions, your road has to be straight and smooth. The traffic should be very less or the best will be if there is no traffic. Road must not be wet by oil or water.
  • There should be no speed breakers on your road. And your bike should be in best condition, the rider must not be pillion. Your mind should be good and stable and there should be no villages or road crossings in your own way. And last of all you must wear all safety gears.
  • You must avoid a potential crush whether you need to fly or you need to flight. Fly method is to break down the speed of your bike rapidly and fight method is to speed up your bike and escape. And you must always try to use the fight method.
  • If the throttle is open you should half press the clutch and this will give the engine no load as a result it will start moving at a higher rate and you must use this tip as your life saving tip and must not use every day. 
  • You must sit in an inclined position as it will help you to keep the center of gravity of your bike at lower level. Do not sit in foul position or don't try to do any stunts while riding as it can be very dangerous for you so your bike should be in a straight position while riding and also you should sit straight to maintain the balance.
  • When you are at high speed your relative weight with the bike will be at zero, so you will have to be very careful about yourself as you will have to take a grip on yourself. As that time air can also flow you away. So you will have to control yourself first and only them you may control your bike.
  • When you are riding at top speed you must not apply brakes when you are behind a vehicle, you must try to overtake the vehicle. Because drum brakes and disc brakes cannot overcome the force of that speed.
  • When you are riding at high speed you must cover your whole body as in that speed even an insect will feel like a bullet and you must keep your muscles very tight. And also if you cover your whole body than even if you face any accident than the chances of getting hurt will be very less and you will be saved.
  • Even if you are riding on a traffic than you must maintain gap between you and other vehicles. Because in high speed riding if you bump your motorcycle with any other vehicle than you will be very hurt as in speed you will lose your control and you can face such accident that you can lose your life too. And also the vehicle in front of you may lose its control too.
  • You must always look ahead of you and also you should scan beyond. You must keep an eye on the surrounding so that you don’t get enough chances for accidents. Only these eagle eyes can keep you always safe. And if you see any bad sign as in anything that can create any obstacle for you, than you must stop your ride that time and only that can save you.
  • When you are riding with a passenger in your back you must not try to show off, you must not use any creativity or trick to impress your passenger. Because that time your mind will be busy in showing off and you will not be able to give your full concentration on your riding.
  • While you are riding at high speed if you fine noise at speeds and if you feel uncomfortable by those speeds than you must go and buy foam ear plugs because at high speed riding if your concentration goes into the noise than your mind will not be stable and this can be dangerous for you.
  • In high speed motorcycle riding, your sitting position must not be look like a daily commuter bike rider. It means, to cope with the high speed wind you have to act like a racer & your sitting position should like that. Band the hand properly & try to stuck with the tank as much as you can. This aerodynamic position helps you to gain speed.

Therefore this are the tips for you to ride in high speed and this tips can be proved very valuable to you as they can save your precious life. Everything has some limitation so always try to stay within your limits never try to do something in energy and among your friends. Keep your body language correctly so that you can do everything properly.

It is always upon you to decide how you will control your speed and your motorcycle. You may use the fastest bikes in the world to ride it in high speed. You may use BMW k12007, Ducati 1098, Aprilia RSV, Yamaha YZF R1 and also Honda CBR 1100 XX and also Suzuki hayabusa. These are the best bikes to ride in high speed so you must use one of them to get super ultrahigh speed. But only Yamaha R15 v.2 is the fastest motorcycle in Bangladesh. Because of CC limitations there are only upto 155cc Motorcycle legally selling.

And if you use any other bike then must remember its limitation first, maintain your body balance and also your motorcycle body balance only then you will be able to ride safely. Â And always choose the appropriate and the best road to ride in high speed.

In Bangladesh our highways are always busy with vehicles and the roads are risky too so if you want to ride your bike in high speed then choose the time of summer because in rainy days its impossible to High Speed Motorcycle Riding and make sure the road is not that much busy, our country is not that much good for high speed. So be safe while riding in high speed and be sure to follow High Speed Motorcycle Riding tips.

Published by Shuvo