Hero Decreases The Price of Two Bikes In Bangladesh

Published On 23-Jul-2015 04:42pm , By Shuvo

Hero Motorcycles has been around in Bangladesh for quiet sometime, with collaboration with Niloy Motors Ltd, they are already moving forward with their bikes in Bangladesh. After separating from Honda they have gone through some major changes, brining new models by using their own R&D. One of the most striking bikes from their is the new Hero Xtreme Sports, which was launched few months back in Bangladesh.

Recently the Bangladesh government increases import TAX on motorcycles from 30%- 45% on the motorcycles that are assembled in Bangladesh. The reason why they increased the tax was to give some advantages for the bike companies that manufacture bikes in BD. But though they are called MANUFACTURER, none of them still can’t manufacture ENGINES in Bangladesh & in most of the time they make only fuel tanks, mud guards and most plastic parts for the .

They still bring most of the parts from the China and assemble them in Bangladesh but because they manufacture few parts (20-30 %) in Bangladesh the government tagged them as manufacturer and just for that reason they get some special incentive from the government which the assemblers in Bangladesh don’t get.

Currently Hero MotoCorp Bangladesh only assemble the bikes and within 2-3 years they promised that they will go into full on manufacturing where they told us that they will tagged the bikes which will come out of the factory as MADE IN BANGLADESH, we hope that both Niloy Motors Ltd and Hero MotoCorp BD keeps their promises.

When the government increases the tax on bikes Hero went on to keep the same price as it was before the 2015-2016 budget, a statement posted in their official Facebook page on June 18th of this year they gave us a new revised price list where they only decreased the price of two models.

Hero Decreases The Price of Two Bikes In Bangladesh

Only the price of Hero HF Dawn and Hero Splendor Pro has been decreased by 6500 BDT and 4000 BDT respectively, But what really makes things funny is why did they decreased the price of many bikes by 10 BDT!!  Were they serious or is was just a sarcasm is something I don’t know but still I want to thank them that at least they decreased the price of two 100cc bikes though some good margin.

hero slpendor pro price in bangladesh 2015

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Hero Splendor is the most sold 100cc bikes in Bangladesh; it is the bike that put Hero Motorcycles on the map. One of the best things of Splendor is that the bike is a blend of power, mileage and quality. I love the bike’s suspension and its ability to be used roughly at any condition.  It is often the first choice for the people who want to buy 100cc bike.

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With the government almost going against the bikers it is nice to see that Hero MotoCorp came forward in reducing the cost of few bikes and we hope that they will go into full manufacturing very soon so that the cost of bikes decreases further for the riders in Bangladesh.

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