Eight Best Way To Choose The Right Type of Motorcycle For You

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 If you ever wish to buy a motorcycle for you than you must think a lot before buying it because there are some important factors that you should consider before buying the Right Type of Motorcycle For You, just don’t go into the shop and buy the most expensive or the most cheap motorcycle for you.

Eight Best Way To Choose The Right Type Of Motorcycle For You

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Every motorcycle has its own type and in the same way every rider has their own type of motorcycle it’s just that all you have to do is search the right type of motorcycle for you.

For getting the right motorcycle for you, I am going to tell you about some of the points that you will have to consider for getting the perfect one for you.

1. Experience Level:

The experience of the rider is a very important point to consider while buying a motorcycle. Suppose if you are a beginner in this whole new motorcycle world than you may safely ride a motorcycle which is very powerful and big in size but you may not enjoy it.

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On the other hand if you are an experienced rider than you may easily get bored with the bike if it cannot fulfill your expectation of its power and performance in compare to your riding skills. And if you are one of those people that someday used to ride a motorcycle but now has given a big gap, and now you want to get back into this than you must take that type of motorcycle which will help you in building your skill.

There are mainly five types of rider that is divided according to the experience level, the one that has no experience is called a beginner.Another one can be called minimal which is like the rider rode in past but he was not regular in his rides.Returning rider is the one who has rode the motorcycle in the past and wants to get back at present.

Experienced are those people who ride regularly and also for years and veteran are those people who have more than experience needed. So buy a motorcycle according to the level of your experience and your ability.

2. The place Where You Want To Ride: 

There are different sizes and styles of a motorcycle and they are differentiated according to the riding conditions. Some of the bikes are designed to be ride on the paved roads. But there are also dual purpose bikes that can be ride in both paved roads and unpaved roads, and also there are dirt bikes that are mainly built for off roads.

So at first you will have to decide where you will like to ride your motorcycle, and you can get a motorcycle suitable for that place.So decide whether you want to ride on city streets or off roads or in both.

3. Style of The Body of Motorcycle:

The body style also have a great impact on the position of how you will ride in the motorcycle and also how the machine will ride. There are many types of motorcycle.

I would like to give you a brief description about the different body styles of riding, which are:

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  • Cruiser: In this body style the rider will have to sit uprightly or also by slightly leaning back and his feet have to be placed forward and his hands will have to be above the chest level.
  • Sport Bike:  In this style the rider will be in aggressive lean position while riding and the handle bars will be below the chest of the rider and his feet will be tucked behind the body.
  • Touring:  The seating position of the rider is almost same as cruiser but his feet will not have to placed that much forward because this type of bikes are mainly designed for long ride.
  • Standard: Riding position of the rider will be same as it is in the sport bike and the rider’s feet will be positioned under the body, the position will be more erect so it will give a comfortable ride.
  • Dual Purpose:  The riding position of the bike is similar to standard and as it is also built for off road riding so the seat of the motorcycle is higher to add to the suspension level.
  • Dirt: It is quite similar to dual purpose and the seat will be high and the design of the motorcycle is quite simplistic as a result the rider gets a leeway position and they can seat as their comfort in jumps or during maneuvering.

4. Trips That You Will Have: 

Another important point that you will have to consider while buying the perfect motorcycle is that you will have to see that which type of tour you will plan to have after buying this motorcycle. Touring bikes and cruisers are mainly designed for comfortable rides and also for riding for a good number of miles.

Sport bikes cannot be ride for long time because the rider will have to ride the motorcycle in bending position so it can be physically harmful for the rider to ride like this for a long time. So your trips can be categorized into five different categories so the first one would be simple transportation which can be visiting your friends, short trips etc.

You can also have a short trip leisurely and that can be less than 200 KM, you can also have a motorcycle which you can ride each day. You can also have motorcycle that you can ride for 200 to 500 KM and the last is you can also have motorcycle for multiple day touring.

So before buying a motorcycle spend some time thinking about your comfort that you are searching for in your riding and also which type of trips you will do.

5.  Frequency of Use: 

When you have decided to buy a motorcycle for yourself than you must also think about the additional service cost which you will have to pay during its service. The service cost will totally depend on how much you have ride your bike and the cost also vary from bike to bike.

So if you are thinking of buying a bike which you will use for riding several KM a year then you must buy a motorcycle which does not require frequent servicing based on the mileage. As there are some motorcycle which requires a service in 3,000 KM while some other bikes does not require any service in 25,000 KM.

On the other hand if you are planning to ride a motorcycle for couple thousand KM a year than you may not have to think about the service cost and it may not be a great issue while thinking about the bike that has to be bought.

6.  Size of The Motorcycle Engine: 

Another factor that you will have to keep in your mind while buying the motorcycle is the size of the engine. Motorcycle engine can range from 50 cc to 2000 cc’s and we all know that the larger the displacement is the larger the power will be of the motorcycle.

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Size of the engine also determines on how much the weight of the motorcycle will be. If you see that the weight of the motorcycle is heavy than you will come to know that the engine is larger. Fuel efficiency also related to engine size. The bigger the engine size, equel to less fuel efficiency. If you want to use bike for regular purpose then go for lower cc Bikes.

7.  Physical Size of The Rider: 

The physical size of the rider is also important to determine while buying a motorcycle. Some bikes can be too tall for you that your feel cannot comfortable reach the pavement and some bikes can be too short to ride comfortably in it. The seat height of the cruiser bikes is low so most of the people can easily ride on this type of bikes.

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While dirt bikes and dual sport bikes have taller seats in which everyone cannot be comfortable and it will not be appropriate for everyone. Standards and sport bikes depend on how they are made and also depend on their model. So if you go into the show room of the motorcycle than you may seat in all of the type of bikes than you will easily find out that which type of motorcycle is best for you.

8. Buying a new or used motorcycle:

There are both advantages and disadvantages of buying a new or a used motorcycle. Let’s talk about the new bikes, new bikes always have the latest technology and feature and they are qualified for special financing and they also come with a manufacturer warranty. And their part and services are always available. Like Yamaha R15 V.2 .

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But new bikes can be more costly than the old bikes and they can be more expensive to ensure. And also they may need service. Used bikes are best for beginners as they always have a tension of damaging their new bike but if they buy a used bike than they will not have this tension and it can always be of great value. But no one will know that how the previous owner took care of the bike and the parts which were replaced will be difficult to find.

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So don't be hurry, choose wisely. Hope this article will help you to choose the right type of motorcycle for you.

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