Drag Race :: Ride To Die [ Part- 1]

Published On 15-Sep-2016 05:29pm , By Saleh

Motorcycle Drag race, one of the most favorite in our country. Because, where there is no place or track for racing, racing on the open road is better for rider’s mental satisfaction. Most of our young riders often do this among or between them. There are no rules, no limitations. But, it can be considered as one kind of drag race because of short distance racing. But it’s the most dangerous form of racing for anyone even for a professional racer. Many facts work in case of drag race. And in a country like Bangladesh, drag racing is another name of death.


Regarding the facts of safety, no one should participate in drag race in Bangladesh because of our road condition, bikes, population and many more. But the most happening race is drag race and at the open public highway. Since we can’t stop them from doing this, we can just give some tips for them about the drag race.

Some facts are very important in drag racing.

  • The Motorbike you have
  • Body Position
  • Launching the bike
  • Controlling

The drag racing is actually nothing but the game of acceleration. The faster you can accelerate, you can win. Now, which kind of bikes to choose?  Have you any idea for this? Though in drag racing all the bikes should have same CC, but after that some major facts work here.

  1. Motorbikes with more Torque, Horsepower are not a vital fact here.
  2. Motorbikes with less weight can accelerate faster.
  3. Aerodynamics can change the game.
  4. Narrow Bikes are better

Torque means the capacity of a bike to accelerate faster. Though torque and horsepower have a relation, horsepower can basically help your bike to get maximum speed. Not maximum acceleration. And logically less weight is very helpful for accelerating any bike with minimum power. For avoiding the friction of air, a bike with better Aerodynamics is always preferred. And a narrow bike can play a vital role here.

Now, come to our main point. Rider’s duty for winning the race. Perfection is very important here for each and every moment. Using all the properties of a bike most efficiently can make you winner without having a better performance bike too. I want to highlight some facts here.

  1. Body position
  2. Launching the bike
  3. Clutch control
  4. Shifting gear

Body position is most important fact here. According to the laws of physics, you should Lean your whole body towards the front of the bike. Because the weight of the whole bike will shift more to the front side which make it easy to accelerate faster. When a bike is accelerating, the center of gravity shifted towards the front wheel. For more acceleration, do it as perfectly as possible. Leaning whole body also helps to avoid the air resistance.

A good launch is needed for winning any drag race. Our main aim is to start the bike accelerating as hard as possible, for doing this, we have to manage the throttle and clutch effectively to control the wheel spin and stop the front wheel from rising off the ground.

We'll Discuss About Another Many More Facts About Drag Race Next. Stay With Us.

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Published by Saleh