Combined Braking System (CBS) In Honda CB Hornet 160R : Advantages of CBS

Published On 09-May-2019 12:06pm , By Ashik Mahmud

Honda CB Hornet 160R is one of the attractively packed motorcycles from Honda. Presently it came with few enhancement and updates. Accordingly, the Combined Braking System (CBS) comes as options to serve a different category of customers. Hence, we are putting here the Combined Braking System (CBS) in Honda CB Hornet 160R.

Combined Braking System (CBS) In Honda CB Hornet 160R : Advantages Of CBS

 cbs honda cb hornet 160r 2019

Combined Braking System (CBS) The combined braking system, therefore, CBS is a safety enhancement in the motorcycle braking system. It’s an optional feature for the motorcycles to serve a different kind of riders. Commonly, under international safety standard, it’s mandatory to have two individual braking systems in motorcycles or two-wheelers. Hence, motorcycles come with two separate braking systems for front and rear wheels. Further, in a related case, a rider can apply any of the brakes alternatively or can apply both to control the vehicle. Again in case of sudden failure of one system other can serve to control the situations and minimize damages.

 combined braking system cbs hornet 160r

In Combined Braking System this international rule is not ignored. Further, it featured for safe braking for the common, inexperienced or basic type of riders. In the combined braking system the front braking mechanism remains solid and individual. Further, the rear braking system is linked or combined with front brakes proportionally with a completely different setup. Hence, again in CBS front setup is unique and individual but the rear setup linked with front mechanism proportionally. Further, it helps to make effective and safe braking for the common users as it helps to apply both brakes same time with single lever operation.

CBS in Honda CB Hornet 160R In Honda CB Hornet 160R CBS is addressed as Combi Braking System. Hence this enhancement is optional to serve diverse buyer segment. The CBS version comes with both hydraulic disk braking system in front and rear wheel. Further, the front braking system works individually and rear setup linked with the CBS system. Accordingly, the rear braking system of Honda CB Hornet 160R is the hub of the CBS system. Here the rear braking assembly connected with front assembly with a different and individual channel. That channel links both the front and rear brake proportionally but never impacts the individual front setup. 

hornet 160r cbs combined braking system

 Again the CBS is adjustable in Hornet 160R with an equalizer. The equalizer works to adjust the braking proportion of front & rear setup. Thus a user can customize the CBS setup how much effectiveness will go in front and rear assembly. So it’s a safer and customizable feature that comes with Honda CB Hornet 160R Combi Braking System. 

Advantage of CBS

  1. Allows both wheels brake using one lever
  2. Reduces braking distance
  3. Improves stability while braking
  4. Ensures distribution of force between the front and rear wheel at the same time
  5. Provides perfect balance to the rider

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Published by Ashik Mahmud