Basic Guide to Buying a Motorcycle in Bangladesh

Published On 14-Dec-2012 05:00am , By Raihan Opu

Basic Guide To Buying A Motorcycle In Bangladesh

One of the most desirable vehicle to the youngsters are motorcycle in Bangladesh. Young stars are crazy for motorcycles, and we can also see that almost maximum youngsters have got motorcycles which are good to look,so it has ultimately become a trend in youngsters every youngster desperately wants one good bike, so if you are like one of them than this is your basic guide for buying a motorcycle hope you will follow them and get yourself a nice bike.

motorcycle in bangladesh

  • Every motorcycle has got different type of engine size and cylinder volume which is known as CC. and motorcycles with more CC are not always more powerful than those with less CC,so it totally depends on how many cylinders a bike has and the design of it.Engines with more cylinders are more powerful and smoother to ride.but engines with fewer cylinders are cheaper,lighter and easy to maintain.
  • Before buying a motorcycle you will have to choose the bike that suits your purpose. So here are the types of bikes-traditional or standard,cruiser,touring,off road bikes,sports,scooter and moped. All this motorcycles are different from each other and they have different kind of features so you will have to know about them first and choose your one.
  • Bikes without extra plastic which are known as unfaired bikes are better for beginners than fared bikes which are with plastics,so you must buy the fared bike if you are a beginner.and it is because the plastic is much easier to damage when you will drop it..
  • When you will choose a bike for yourself than for your satisfaction you may take a test ride you may test them on the road and ride it for 30 minutes so that you can see if it is comfortable. And you will come to know if this was the kind of bike you wanted.
  • Dealers prefer cash so you must try to give them cash in hand.
  • If you come to know that you are paying the top price than make sure you are getting the latest model.
  • Ask the dealer to explain about the control of the motorcycle as it will show how much information they have got about the motorcycle.
  • You will have to check if there is any kind of scruffs on the bike if you get one than you must tell it to the dealer.
  • Check if there is any kind of cracks or damage to any of the mechanical parts as this will show that it had a serious damage before on a  crash so you should be very careful about it.
  • Â Try to get some information before going to the showroom,try to do some research so that you don"t face any problem later.
  • The handlebars has to be straight and even.
  • If you see that on your motorcycle there is a cracked seat with faded paint than you will have to understand that the bike is old and already had a long life.
  • You should check for scrapes on bars,and on the exhaust and the plastic and the levers. if short,shallow and non parallel scratches are there then its normal or the bike is already crashed once.
  • You should test that all lights and switches are working, and don't forget to tap them with your hand to ensure that there are no lose wires.
  • There should not be any scratches or bends in the legs.
  • You will have to Get the wheels in the air and check the wheel bearingsAlso look for impact on the rim and crack
  • You will have to check that the motorcycle is straight down the centerline.
  • You should Check the head race by lifting the front wheel while getting someone to push down on the seat and slowly turn the bars from the left to right and back.after checking if you feel that it is not smooth enough while passing the centre then the head race needs replacing.
  • If you see that in the foot pegs there is worn on top which means the rider leaned a bit but if its on the bottom than it means the rider leaned too far over in corners.
  • For checking any bends in the forks you will have to hold the front wheel between your kness and twist the bars.
  • You will have to check if the brakes are working well or not and if they are smooth or not.
  • The clutch should release when squeezed.
  • You should give a look on the gas tank, Rust is ok but a dark tea colour is an indication of old gas that needs to be changed
  • The exhaust pressure should be equal on both sides. Also check the joins by placing your hand near them while the engine is running to check that no gas is escaping.
  • The tyres need to be checked extra carefully.
  • A stretched chain will indicate chain or sprocket wear, as the chain should be tight with only about an inch of slack halfway between the sprockets and bottom run
  • The steering should be smooth so check for play or vibrations in the steering
  • All the gauges should be working
  • When you take the bike for a test ride, try to get a cold engine warm and then see if it runs without using the choke.
  • You will have to Check that there are no leaks on the motorcycle, especially the engine and transmission.
So that's all, if you follow the  Basic Guide to Buying a Motorcycle in Bangladesh then hope you will get a good motorcycle to enjoy the ride.

Published by Raihan Opu